How to Create Amazing Shadows Using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Hello peeps! Are you ready for another, fabulous edition of Q & A Wednesday — the new weekly VIDEO feature here at Simply Tiffany Studios that answers your digital scrapbooking questions? I hope you are because today’s topic is stellar! And since I featured a typography tip specific to Photoshop users last week, it’s time to show Photoshop Elements users some love.

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How to Choose & Use Fonts Stylishly

Welcome to another edition of Q & A Wednesdays — a new weekly VIDEO feature here at Simply Tiffany Studios that answers your digital scrapbooking questions. If you’ve ever wanted to pick MY brain on how or why I do digital this, pixel that, or scrapbook who-ha, you’ll love this series.

First, thank you all for sending in your questions via email or adding them in the comments. I enjoy learning about what you want to know and masterminding how I can share the answer in the Q & A. Isn’t that wild! So keep sending them in.

Q & A Wednesday for Today

In this week’s fabulous Q & A, you’ll learn how I use fonts “stylishly”. And what I mean by that is you’ll discover:

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What are the Differences between PS & PSE for Digital Scrapbookers

Howdy gals! I’m really super-excited and stoked because I’ve got some scraptacular news to share with all of you today! Today marks the beginning of something I KNOW will help digital scrappers everywhere craft kick butt pages. I want us all to be digiscrappy ninjas! Because ninjas kick butt and scrappy ninjas … we kick crafting ass. There I said wrote it!

Without further reading delay, I introduce you to …

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Digital Scrapbooking Embossing Effects in PS & PSE | Video Tutorial

Hey y’all. Want to know one of the main reasons why I uber-love templates? Speed. Hands down — speed. Not the kind Keanu Reeves was on – nope. Templates cut my creation time in half, if not more, because I don’t have to think about the design. Templates, oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

You know what happens when I don’t have to “over-think”? Techniques, baby! Templates allow me to concentrate on fun digital techniques. And don’t you think today is a great day for a technique tutorial?

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How to Digital Scrapbook Using a Layered Template | Video

A few posts back, one of my lovely blog readers asked for a few tips using the basic digital scrapbook template. Then it dawned on me: not everyone is familiar with the basics of template scrapbooking. You would think I would remember this fact especially since the first lesson in all my template related classes is a primer in the basics. I love those lightbulb moments.

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