Hello February | Template Set of the Month + Win a $30 Gift Certificate

This month, I’ve marked down one of my all-time favorite collections: The Slivers! I love them “janks” because of the nifty idea behind their creation. See there I was staring at a mess my daughter had created on our living room floor consisting of shreds and slivers of paper. Template idea born!

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The New 2013 | January $1 Sale

Hi there! What’s new? After almost 1 1/2 months, I’m happy to report my respiratory virus backed up, moved out and my voice return! I feel like a brand new woman because I no longer sound like a man. A Barry White man to be exact. A coughing until I dropped, lethargic Barry White. Now you know the story of my life in past recent months.

Guess what happened while I was away? This …

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How to Create Shaped Journaling or Text on a Path

Darlings, welcome back to a brand new, and much more organized, Simply Tiffany Studios on the web! In anticipation of new changes, we took the time to reorganize the site structure … make er’thing look pretty. And why I think it does look purtty if I do say so myself. Onward!

Q & A Wednesday for Today

Today’s Q&A Wednesday features one of my all time, favorite tricks and it’s for Adobe Photoshop users. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing it through screenshots but never through video. Now is that time.

In today’s video Q & A, I share how to wrap your text around embellishments! You’ll also learn:

  • How to create a selection.
  • How to add or subtract from a selection.
  • How to journal around any shape and inside of any shape.
  • And why this trick works for hybrid layouts too.

Let’s take a peek.

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How to Draft Engaging Journaling

Hello darlings! Today’s Q & A Wednesday ventures off the beaten path of digital scrapbook techniques and into new territory. Specifically, writing and journaling.

Q & A Wednesday for Today

Journaling has always been my thing. When Creating Keepsakes Magazine announced their Hall of Fame for 2005, my name was on the list because of my writing style. Pulitzer Prize worthy? I don’t think so. Grammatically correct? Heck no! Emotional, inspiring, and relatable? Yes!

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