Creative Team Call

Welp, here are the details …

Are you wild about digital scrapbooking? Does the sound of crafting kick-butt page designs and inspiring thousands of creatives around the world sound like an amazing opportunity? Then this creative team call might be exactly what you’re looking for!

If you’ve dreamed about being part of a movement that helps digital scrapbookers learn, grow and evolve in their craft, one page at a time, then reach out now.

Available Positions
I’m looking for a few inspiring, like-minded, digi craft-focused superstars to add to my creative and administrative teams. If you’re a passionate digital artist, a writer, or possess a savviness for marketing, proceed:

  • Page Artists craft inspiring and authentic digital scrapbooking pages using my template designs as a foundation. You’re asked to craft three page layouts per month and share your pages at P&Co and around the web at your favorite digital hangout spots and social sites. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your skills as an active participant in all of my classes. Of course, cheerleading, the virtual kind, is expected. Previous creative team experience and access to other designer goodies is helpful, but not required — I’m interested in scrapbookers who create pages from the heart and want to speed up the design process using a page template. And Page Artists of all skill level and design styles are welcome.
  • The Interview Assistant connects with, coordinates, and publishes interviews for the Simply Tiffany blog. You’ll be my side kick responsible for forwarding, receiving, and organizing content with digital superstars. Content includes interview questions (provided), layout or product images, bio photos, and related links. I’ll ask you to check both my answers and the interviewee’s answers for editorial mistakes — so knowledge of proper grammar (which I don’t possess) will help you. Touchdowns awarded to those sassy, reliable and outgoing types who don’t mind reminding digital divas that they’re on a deadline.
  • The Marketing Assistant will earn her (or his) stripes as my left-hand, administrative compadre. Ideal candidates are comfortable with social media, coordinating & distributing product giveaways, and assembling newsletters plus blog posts when the content is provided. An extra skill-set in graphic or ad design will rock my world. You’ll quarterback the Page Artist team by collecting and organizing their completed layouts and cycling information their way as necessary. Of course, if you’re the quarterback, I’m the coach — so you’ll never have to feel alone managing the Page Artist team.

Page Artists & Assistants will have access to all of my products (for personal use only) and classes. In addition, Assistant positions are paid assignments based on an hourly rate — so bring your “A” game. Hourly rate depends on qualifications and skill level.

A Few More Things
It helps if you’re a fan of me or Simply Tiffany classes/products and don’t mind listening to endless football analogies similar to the ones above. You’ll also receive my support for growing your skills and my eternal gratitude for being passionate and dependable.

Ready to apply?
Please complete the online application by Sunday, January 27, 2013. Applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be contacted by me on or before Wednesday, January 30, 2013, informing them whether or not they’re the right fit for the position(s) applied for.

Seek me out using this contact form.

Click Here to Apply

My Page Artists and I are a very close-knit team. We stay connected in our very own, secret section on Facebook. And, truth be told, the Page Artists help me find my digital head when it rolls off. 

I asked my Page Artists to share why they enjoy being on the Simply Tiffany team so, if you apply, you’ll know what to expect. Their answers had me at verklempt.

Audrey T. | Page Artist since May 2011 | The creative team terms are reasonable and doable. The ladies on the team are fabulous. It’s always fun to work with templates as I can use any kits I want with them. When I’m in a hurry to scrap, your templates have proven to be a lifesaver. And you’re one great lady to work with, Tiffany. That’s why I continue to stay.

Michelle B. | Page Artist since May 2010 | My biggest reason is definitely the ability to use any kit with your templates. Your other products allow a lot of creativity, too! You are very reasonable with requirements. (For example, I don’t like CTs that require blog posts/projects…that’s just not me.) Also, what a magnificent bonus the RP classes are. Love that! They are so fun! I also love that those are optional if we have the time to invest. And you are a great Boss.

Katherine H. | Page Artist since May 2011 | For me, I’m finding new ways to use templates – learning from you, Tiffany, and also from the team. Also, love the little technical tips I pick up along the way – either here or through the classes at RP (which I think is an awesome bonus for the team members!). As for “fit” with the group, I love that we’re serious about what we do as far as our craft, but we do it in a fun, slightly casual atmosphere … a little chill. Oh, and our love of football helps.

Melanie R. | Page Artist since May 2011 | I’m honoured to work with you, Tiffany. My scrapbook layouts are WAY better when I use your templates. I have more confidence in my work and I get more memories captured on a page. So, having access to your templates is such a bonus for me. The requirements are very reasonable and they keep me motivated to keep up with my personal scrapbooking goals. Also, I LOVE your classes. Learning from you has opened up my life so much, in so many ways (have I said thanks for that?). Finally, the ladies here are talented, supportive and inspiring. Basically, this place rocks.

Elisa H. | Page Artist since May 2011 | I like designers that are genuine & I think that makes this team wonderful. The requirements are doable & your templates something outside of my normal, nontemplate, scrapping so I love that challenge. Like Melanie, my pages are better since joining your team.