$50 Simply Tiffany Studio Giveaway Winner

High fives, hugs, and thank you’s to everyone who who stopped by ye ole’ blog during iNSD and entered to win a p.h.a.t. $50 coupon to the Simply Tiffany Studio. I had a blast reading about your favorite template sets and created a few of the “most requested” to release tomorrow! But before we get to that, a winner must be announced.

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52 Thursday | Pause: It’s Irene’s Fault

Hi y’all! I’m waving at you with one hand and quickly stowing our property in preparation of “the storm”. That’s right. Irene is coming … and she can’t eat off our fine china.

Living in a coastal city has its perks. At any time we can take a 5 minute drive to walk in the sand barefoot, smell the salt of the sea, listen to the waves crash on the surf at night, enjoy ocean fireworks … meet tourists. Actually, the tourists drive me crazy and is the number one reason we moved from “within walking distance” of the beach. The tourist season drives up the price for even the smallest of necessities. Other than that fact, the beach is my home.

Except during a hurricane.


I’ve experienced quite a few. Some flooded the streets of my childhood home by 5+ feet and it took days for the water to recede. I’ve watched fishing piers literally ripped from their foundations and pushed into the ocean by heavy winds. Trees on rooftops, chimneys torn from their homes, and plenty of damage to structures I’ve lived in as a girl and an adult. Don’t even mention the week long (sometimes longer) power outages!

And their predicting this will be worse than any storm “we local to the area I live in” can remember? A small part of me wants to stay no matter how bad it gets so I can “see” it. Isn’t that crazy! I want to experience a Category 3/4 storm – sure! For the scrapbook pictures, of course.

But that’s not realistic. My family’s safety IS my number one concern. My wig comes second. It’s NOT okay for my wig to blow off, y’all. It’s just not acceptable. So the family and I are getting our ducks in a row now to either swim off or ride it out.

So, you’ll forgive me for pressing the “pause button” on this week’s 52 Thursday Template series. We’ll make up for it next week, okay.

Protect your wigs, y’all!