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Closing the Template Shop at Pixels & Company

Have you heard of the PC game: Civilization 5? Civilization has been one of my favorite series of games since I was an old teenager. (Before Civilization it was Populace — if you’ve been around that long and know what a rotary phone is).

I digress.

I’m a super-dork-geek for games that pair maps with town/kingdom/society management. So Civilization 5 and it’s predecessors have been my go-to games for almost two decades!

Because I live for uncharted maps!

The idea of moving my Scouts (or insert some special unit here) delights me. Finding new areas to settle (or avoid) or meeting a new civilization to trade resources, technology, or quite possibly war with entertains me. Because each new turn in the game requires a different kind of management or scenario that requires my full attention. Because it’s uncharted.

Life, to me, is just like that game.

Last year, I closed my template shop briefly and then returned shortly thereafter with the idea that I could manage both Scrapaneers and building templates on the regular.

That was my hope, my goal, my every intention.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

After a long period of soul-searching, monitoring how much time everything I do takes and what I would have to sacrifice to continue designing on a regular (like weekend time with  my kids), I knew it was time to close up the template shop at Pixels & Company.

P&C0. is filled with an amazing amount of talented designers and digital enthusiasts whom I’ve come to know as friends. And while I’ll miss them dearly, I know this is absolute best decision for me right now.

While I will move a few of my favorite sets over here and offer them through my own shop, I want to turn my talent in a new direction with a focus on Scrapaneers and helping others digital scrapbook better — using templates too!

So, will templates be involved in this “new direction” thing? Darn tooting! And I can elaborate more … when the time comes of course.

But like most aspects of life, and Civilization games, change happens. It’s up to us to listen to our heart, our desires, even our fears, and let each guide us to uncharted areas on our life map. These uncharted spaces of life is where we can invent (or reinvent) and adjust (readjust) our world.

And map a new horizon.

New | Pocket Journal Card Templates

As soon as I started pocket scrapbooking, I knew I needed layers. Lots and lots of layers. Because layers let me tuck things under, pull pieces through, and add a lot of dimension to my layouts without looking cluttered. And then it came to me — why don’t we have digital Pocket Journal Cards? The kind that allows us to tuck, pull, and stuff a lot of ‘ish into other ‘ish and still look organized? We didn’t!

And like Bigwell says, “See a need, fill a need!”

Introducing Pocket Journal Card Templates! There are a total of 25 templates and they were released sporadically through January during the Pixels & Company $1 sale! Take a look at all of the packs, which include Original, Shaped, Framed, Noteworthy, and Notched varieties.


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Project Life 2014 | Dipping My Pinky Toe

Sigh. I caved. For years I avoided Project Life because I felt it wouldn’t fit my scrapbooking style. Even after crafting the Window System for my vacation photos earlier this year, I was still on the fence. And then the truth dawned on me: what would I, and my kids, appreciate in the future? My style or our thoughts? This art or my messages? Obviously, we care about our thoughts and the messages!

And when I look back at my childhood photos do I balk at the stiff polaroids with faded colors? Or do I cherish each and every single one? Sugar, I love every single one — even  the ones without dates! No, they’re not digital, professional, or composed correctly. But they highlight my favorite memories and capture my family. Thus, I had my answer!

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Scrapaneers | My New Home for Classes

If you would have told me earlier this year that my workshops would have a new home by mid-year, I would have called you a liar, hitched my skirt up, and ran away! But in the end, you’d have been right!

Scrapaneers is my new home for all of my digital scrapbooking classes. And joining me are Karla DudleyTraci ReedAmanda Taylor and a league of other phenomenal women who have decades of experience scrapbooking and a passion for helping others build their best digi-projects, pages, and products! The list of residents and guests is amazing and our upcoming classes equally inspire.

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interNational Scrapbooking Day • iNSD 2013 • Blog Hop • Giveaway

International Scrapbooking Day is May 4, 2013 and it’s still one of my favorite days of the year! New kits, loads of savings, and scrap-heads united in celebration of this most awesome hobby of hobbies. I’m getting verklempt again! Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic, a peanut is not both pea and nut, DISCUSS!

As part of my annual hoopla tradition that is interNational Scrapbook Day at Pixels & Company, the designers collaborated their efforts into a new kit collection called More Or Less:

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