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Woosa. My baby boy turns one this month and I’m finally at a place where life moves steadily. I know, I know. Woooosa. Feels so good, don’t it?

With less stressful times comes rewards and — you guessed it — scrapbooking! Playing. Developing. Learning. Trusting. Letting the stories flood my mind and finding the photos to illustrate. Like this layout I’ve wanted to make since 2009.

Innovation by Sahlin Studio
Artistic Photo Masks by Simply Tiffany Studios

I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I visited Orlando. It’s like standing at the top of a mountain and peering over my shoulder at the path traveled. Cresting is a good thing.

LilyKate Digital Kit by Basic Grey
 Digital Scrapbooking Day 2011 Template (freebie) by Simply Tiffany Studios

This layout was concocted for the Basic Grey blog. But I needed to share the story of a memory long passed from last year. My daughter’s buddy moved away at the beginning of this year and we miss him so. I know she’ll enjoy seeing the page once it’s printed.

And that’s my joy of scrapbooking! Nothing to catch up or feel guilty about because it’s not done. Scrapbooking is there when I’M ready.

Best darn hobby in the world. Woosa.

Scrapbooktology and the Scrapbooktologist Who Made it Happen

Who invented scrapbooking? Seriously. Do you ever stop and wonder as you create your page layouts? I do on occasion when I’ve stolen a moment for myself or the wind walks by. Who was the first person to document a memory on paper and did it qualify as a scrapbook?

Perhaps it’s late and I’ll wake up hours from now and ask, “What was I talking about?!”

Or perhaps an interesting discussion is underfoot:

  • What is scrapbooking? The modern-day encyclopedia — and I write this with a bit ‘o sarcasm — Wikipedia offers a fair amount of information about the subject here. Ye ole’ Wiki credits the birth of the modern day scrapbook to a woman from Spanish Fork, Utah in the late 70’s to early 80’s. No wonder Utah is the center of scrapbook civilization! Do you agree with the Wiki definition?
  • What’s the difference between a scrapbook album and a photo album? Is it the truly the scraps? Is the separation from photo album to scrapbook confined to the addition of some newspaper clippings and memorabilia?
  • Should all forms of memory capture/recording qualify? For example, if words and photos are the qualifiers for scrapbooking, wouldn’t ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics count too? Or would we call it “wall-booking”? Are the two interrelated?
  • And finally, my favorite question: where does “scrapbooking” go from here? Video-booking seems the next logical trend as it’s already happening. But why not consider “Pensieve-booking” as originally seen in the Harry Potter movies. Certainly, that form of memory keeping is not as creative as others. It’s possible to color our pensieves and tie them up with pretty bows. Anything is possible in the future, right?

Considering all the above, would YOU still record your memories in the scrapbook format if all the pretty papers and embellis disappeared?

I uber-love having the option to add doo-hickies and fraum-fraums to my pages. It certainly satisfies a creative need. But even without the hicks and fraums, I’d still desire recording everyday moments, big and small, even if my creative obsession wasn’t satisfied. How about you?

New Layouts

supplies: papers and elements (Candy Shop by Sahlin Studio) • page template (52 Thursday no. 10 by Simply Tiffany) • font (Teletype)

supplies: papers and elements (Scarlet’s Letter by Basic Grey) • page template (Stuffy no. 2 by Simply Tiffany) • fonts (Dominique & Teletype)

In Store | Tomorrow

Perhaps you were lost in some got-awful cavern with your arm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m sorry for your pain — really I am. But don’t let that be the reason you don’t catch up on 52 Thursday Templates no. 11 – 20. ‘Cause their on sale at my store sold in a big bundle or as individuals for 30% OFF Thursday only!

Peep some inspiration from the Page Artists. Click on each for credits.

no. 11 by Katherine

no. 14 by Katherine

no. 15 by Melanie

no. 16 by Rachel

no. 17 by Blue

no. 17 by Rachel

no. 19 by Audrey

no. 20 by Jen

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