Mother's Day Scrapbook Layout

Mother’s Day Layout

Mother's Day Scrapbook Layout

I made my Mom cry when I showed her this layout. In small part because she didn’t realize I was sneaking around her room taking photos of her stuff. But in large part because she knew I had taken the time to craft something specifically for her.


Mother's Day Scrapbook Layout


When I scrapbook, I create pages that connect me with someone else. My kids, my parents, my husband. They’re the people who get the tingles when they see a layout. They’re the people who want to read the stories over and over again.


That’s what scrapbooking is ALL about. The extra techniques we digital scrapbookers use are just extra tools to complete the project. That’s it!


My Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers class is a FREE live broadcast scheduled for June 22nd, click here to RSVP here. Many of the techniques used to craft this layout will be highlighted in that class. But I’ll also share how to transform those techniques into pages that create connections.


I mean, that’s why we scrapbook, right? Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, your loved ones here and in the heart.

Project Life | Disney Vacation Album

Four score and seven years ago, make that 5.6 years ago, I took my first step inside of Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Had a fabulous time if you take away all the hours we spent standing in line.

Some of our most magical moments included:

  • Riding on a float during the Animal Kingdom parade,
  • Crush (from Nemo) calling out Lita by saying the girl with the purple shell and afropuffs on her head.
  • The best steak I’ve tasted at Le Cellier.
  • And all the moments Lita’s eyes lit up from magic.

We so enjoyed our vacation. I snapped thousands of photos. And it was our first family vacation. A trip like that deserved an amazing album, you know!

But I couldn’t piece one together. I was unable to revisit the photos and the project because shortly after our trip, my ex-husband and I separated. And that trip became associated with a time of pain and loss and a world that didn’t/couldn’t exist ever again.

I kept asking my self: why? Why should I finish it? Why should I care? Why should we celebrate?

After some soul-searching and the passage of time, I was able to answer.

Why should I finish it? Why should I care? Why should we celebrate? 

Because it’s not about you.

It’s about her.

My daughter.

I didn’t take the trip just to cross Disney World off my bucket list.

I planned and scheduled and waited in long lines because I wanted to watch my daughter experience magical moments that only a 5 year old could.

So my album is her album. Her family. Her good times.

Not all mine.

And so over the summer, I finished that album. Here are some of my favorite pages:

Disney World Vacation Album

Disney World Vacation Album

Disney World Vacation Album

Disney World Vacation Album

Disney World Vacation Album

Disney World Vacation Album


The rest of the layouts are in my Disney Vacation Album. I feel so much joy having now finished and excited to send them over to Persnickety Prints. They’ll have them printed and delivered later this week, which means I can give the album FINALLY to my daughter. Five years later. But with tons of love.

And closure for me.

All of my layouts use templates from the Window System Templates, which is now offered in .PAGE and .PNG formats! And 99% of the digital papers and elements are part of Sahlin Studios Project Mouse collection.

A Class I’m Frothing at the Mouth to Take + Giveaway

I have a new class coming out today. But that’s not why I’m writing.

Call me a foodie, a food porn addict, a fatty (just tell me I look preggo) whatever you want I’ll answer to it! If and only if it relates to food. I have a love affair with good, wholesome, REAL, food. And I’ve collected recipes since I learned that such a thing was possible!

My first cook book was a collection of family recipes from my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. That was way back in the day — 1999. Prince was affectionately known as The Artist Formerly Known As and I created the precious momento on my work computer at Kinko’s.

It was full color, included section titles with dramatic fonts, and a ton of crazy clip art of food we did not cook! But what it lacked in design, it made up for with recipes I still enjoy today.

Sadly, I haven’t updated it! Plus I’ve been carrying around a 3-ring binder of typed, outdated, worn papers. My iPad recipe apps are loaded with some of my newest recipes but apps are discontinued occasionally while others have actually lost my recipes after I entered them! That’s so no bueno.

Needless to say, my system is broken. And I really want to re-organize my recipes in a way that works for me. Preferably I’d like a binder system with the ability to remove and replace recipes over time. And something I can feel proud of sharing with anyone who comes over.

Instead of this:



Isn’t that ridic?

So when my homie, Kelly Sill, told me she had an organizational recipe pocket-style class in mind for the digital and hybrid scrapbooker, I practically foamed at the mouth!

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New | Pocket Journal Card Templates

As soon as I started pocket scrapbooking, I knew I needed layers. Lots and lots of layers. Because layers let me tuck things under, pull pieces through, and add a lot of dimension to my layouts without looking cluttered. And then it came to me — why don’t we have digital Pocket Journal Cards? The kind that allows us to tuck, pull, and stuff a lot of ‘ish into other ‘ish and still look organized? We didn’t!

And like Bigwell says, “See a need, fill a need!”

Introducing Pocket Journal Card Templates! There are a total of 25 templates and they were released sporadically through January during the Pixels & Company $1 sale! Take a look at all of the packs, which include Original, Shaped, Framed, Noteworthy, and Notched varieties.


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Current Trends with Masterful Scrapbook Design

The September issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design highlighted loads of current trends in scrapbooking. And I had the chance to play along with some new layouts. As a side note …

One thing I realize about my craft  is that I don’t keep up with the trends. I “notice” when digital kits begin to feature similar patterns, like the Chevron trend, or embellishments, like the owl trend. But I very rarely jump on what’s trendy – I actually had to force myself to use what was hot because I’m so comfortable staying in my “design” comfort zone.

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Simply Tiffany Studio | Weekend Mother’s Day Sale

This weekend, all Simply Tiffany Studio products & templates are 25% off. Newsletter subscribers received a discount code on Thursday for an additional 10% off. Take advantage of the savings and scrap yourself silly on Mother’s Day. Scrap. Yourself. Silly. I hope you’ll also join me for a DHD chat at 7 pm EST May 12, 012 for a DHD chat.

What’s new this week in the shoppe?

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New Layered Looks: Pack One

New in my shoppe at 30% OFF today are Layered Looks Pack One & Individuals. Take a peek below.

No matter how many times I change up my style, I always venture back to the tried and true. The classic. The dependable. The simple. And that they are. Layered Looks mix polished design with the perfect balance of embellished groupings, steal-the-show photos, journaling, and an outstanding title. Everything a layout needs to shine.

Check out some page inspiration from the gals. Click on the images for credits.

Jen Pop








Everyday Storyteller – Have You Seen This?

Have you seen this yet? The phenomenal Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper, is combining the efforts of 33 amazing scrapbookers into one, digital e-book. Snagged from the blog: with 33 inspiring contributions from across the scrapbooking industry, Everyday Storyteller is an essential resource for the modern memory keeper.

And guess what? I’m one of those 33! I can’t detail what my topic is just yet. But definitely check out the site, sign up to be part of the ever-growing Launch Party, and discover the remaining scrapbookers contributing to the book.


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