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Holiday Templates 2011 | Q&A + Winner

Plenty of excitement and questions about the Holiday Templates class. Thanks for entering to win a seat, sharing your thoughts, and taking the time to ask questions about the workshop. First order of business … the winner of a complimentary seat into the workshop is Eva!

Congratulations! Send me a note to claim your prize.

And here are a few answers to questions I’ve received in the comments or via email. If you have a question related to class, add it here. I’ll be happy to update this list as time goes on.

Holiday Templates 2011 | Q&A

Q. Will this workshop feature material previously offered in the 2009 or 2010 template classes?

STS. Nope. This class features hours of never-before-seen recorded lessons, demonstrations, and samples.

Q. How much should I know about digital scrapbooking?

STS. The basics, like how to use the Move tool and work within the Layer’s Panel. Something equivalent to Renee Pearson’s Back to Basics self-paced workshop is a good place to begin for Adobe Photoshop Elements users.

Q. Are there templates for families who celebrate Chanukah?

STS. Holiday Templates can be used for any celebration, event, or moment. They are non-event specific.

Q. Can the videos be downloaded and kept?

STS. Video content at is not downloadable at this time. However the material will always be available for review online. You can also access the content from your iPhones & iPads too for convenience.

Q.  Is this class geared toward Photoshop people only? Reason I ask … I have PSP (Paint Shop Pro).

Q. Do you have to be using any particular digital software to benefit from this class? I use Storybook Creator Plus.

STS. Lessons were recorded using Photoshop Elements 10 and Photoshop CS4. I don’t have enough experience using Corel’s Paintshop Pro (or Storybook Creator Plus) to honestly compare technical steps to Adobe’s Photoshop or Elements software.

Q. I’m intrigued by your “extras.” What are the “extras?”

STS. “Extras” are the bonus goodies each students receive not shown (well one or two were shared on my blog). The “extras” include 8 templates not featured in the registration preview, which brings the final template count to 24. Add to that two digital cover options 93 date tags, a small holiday brush pack, some title art, journaling tags and exercise files to recreate steps I’ve used in specific lessons.

Q. Will you add the workshop templates to your store at DHD?

STS. After the class concludes, yes. However, the class kits and “extras” will not be added to my store.


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Holiday Templates 2011 | Registration’s Open + Seat Giveaway

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say …

It’s Holiday Template time, babay!
register now and get $5 off 

I am super geeked to announce open registration for my all-time, favorite class: Holiday Templates 2011. In it’s fourth edition, my 25 Days of Templates class has evolved into a month long workshop featuring special guests, loads of digital techniques, super-mega kits, and, of course, templates. In the next 4 days, I’ll share sneak peeks, introduce the special guests, and give you a behind the scenes tour. Let’s start at the beginning. The video below sums up.

FOCUS | This workshop will help you craft an album full of your holiday memories. That’s the simple focus. 

Every day, whilst you sit in your jammies drinking mochachino, you’ll watch at least one lesson with the focus in mind. My lessons are available and reviewable forever. So you won’t miss a thing if you’re on vacation at the North Pole with Santa and NOT in your jammies. Soon as you and Santa finishing delivering goodies, you’re more than welcome to catch up and document your outings with St. Nick!

Your album can be a physical album with a common theme or a compilation of 25 individual December stories. You’re not limited to creating a holiday album. Maybe you might want to go in a different direction, like a December Daily, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s completely up to you. My focus is to simply give you the means to document your holidays digitally using templates.

TEMPLATES | Every student will receive 20 templates on day one.

In years past, y’all received templates in groups of 5 at a time. But this year, I want you to be ready from the start and know exactly how many photos you’ll need to fill each page — if your goal is such.

The above preview shares the first 16. You’ll receive 4 more , which will stay hidden until start day. And an additional four as we progress. That’s 16 + 4 + 4 = 24 templates. And the templates were crafted as single | doubles. They’ll work for single and/or double pages as shown in the preview. Each single has at least three compliments to increase your variety of double page layouts.

KITS | Every student receives a super-exclusive, compilation kit by Paislee Press and Creashens.

I asked Liz and Shen to pair up for two reasons. First, they are two of the best designers in our industry with easy-going, sweet-as-sweet-potato-pie personalities. I uber-love working with them both. And second, their styles are nearly opposite but work in perfect harmony.

Liz crafted a modern kit fit for any occasion. Shen rocked the traditional “joy to the world” theme. We deliberately chose contrasting kits in theme but married them together using the same color scheme. The result gives you a variety of page options.

I’ll share more insights about the entire kit (and some peeks at the additional mini-kits — yes there’s more) tomorrow.

LESSONS | What would any 25 Days of Templates class be without the daily video lessons? Not my class, that’s for sure. You’ll see a range of topics from my favorite digital techniques of embossing, masking, selecting, shadowing, and filtering to photography, printing and more. Most lessons are about 5 – 10 minutes long. A few go over that. However, each offer an opportunity to learn or trick to use on your pages.

ALBUM | Covered. That was a joke — did you get it? Persnickety Prints provided a PHAT discount for participants to print a custom post-bound album with top-loading pages. I’ve already ordered and received mine! It’s delish. Once the season concludes, I’ll send my finished pages off for printing and add them in.

You’ll get the cover art to replicate (with your choice of pattern background) and I demonstrate how to make your own in day/lesson 3.

EVERYTHING ELSE | Special guests, weekly webinars, plenty of page examples, discounts, daily forum topics … oh yeah baby. The workshop will keep you engaged during the busy season. And if life gets a bit hectic during the holidays, you can still register and meet up with the material in January or February or later.  The lessons are designed to help you craft your album whenever YOU are ready. Remember, that’s the simple focus.

I hope you’ll join me! Register on or before Tuesday, November 8, 2011 for a $5 discount.

Perhaps you have questions — I’m here to answer! Ask your question in the comments and be sure to pop back here everyday for the next few days for more sneak peeks and info.

SHARE | Grab a banner to spread the word.

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Holiday Templates 2011 Giveaway

One lucky winner will win a complimentary seat into class. Hark those bells! To enter for your chance to win, simply post a comment below in this thread by Friday, November 4th, 2011 by 11:59 PM EST. Increase your chances of winning by tweeting, facebook(ing), or blogging about the giveaway. Be sure to post a new comment for each tweet or post. The giveaway winner will be announced here on my blog Saturday, November 5th. Good luck!

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Playing Ketchup: Winners, Contests, and Sneak Peeks

Well howdy good folks. It’s not like me to completely forget the front part of my studio. And I haven’t! Actually, my ta-tas have been on full demand by my son who experienced his sixth month growth spurt this past week. I’ve been “mooing”, literally. Now, I finally feel human again and we can ketchup.

While the front part of the studio enjoyed a hiatus, the back office has been busy. Here’s {some) of what I’ve been up to:

Festive Moments for Wacom Penscrappers

Anna Aspnes, Renee Pearson, and yours truly teamed up to create Festive Moments, a full, FREE kit download featured at Wacom’s Penscrappers. We’re the October | November | December contest hostesses and the grand prize winner will receive:

  • one Bamboo Create tablet
  • two classes at (including one of my own)
  • three gift certificates (including one to Anna’s store)
Even if you don’t enter the contest, GET THIS KIT! We rocked it; we did. Included are two layered templates from the tiffster.

Renee is also planning a Wacom Webinar to take place on October 18, 2011:

The Digital Scrapbooker’s Toolkit

As the popularity of digital scrapbooking has grown, so has the need for easy-to-follow instruction. In this fun and informative webinar, Renee Pearson will lead you through fun, fast and yet stress-free paced webinar. Using her raw talent and trusty Wacom pen, she will show you methods and techniques for piecing together history that are difficult, if not impossible to achieve with a mouse. Renee will cover material appropriate for the beginning digital scrapbooker as well as reinforce the more seasoned memory maker’s knowledge of the tools at hand. Using a Wacom tablet and the software that comes with it, Adobe Photoshop Elements, you’ll be whipping out digital designs and embellishments in no time.

Spawn of True Scrap Make-n-Take Guest Teacher

A few weeks ago, Lain Ehmann invited yours truly to demo a make and take project for Spawn of True Scrap. The event begins October 21, 2011 — there’s still time to register. I jump at the chance to sprinkle digital goodness any where at any time. So for True Scrap, I’m sharing the digital steps to complete a page. If you’re a paper scrapper interested in such things, check out Lain’s True Scrap event. You’ll definitely learn a lot from her stellar instructor line up.

Here’s a sneak peek at my project. Students of True Scrap will also receive a FREE template too.

Holiday Templates 2011

You’re probably wondering why I’m creating “snow pages” in fall. Oh that’s because Holiday Templates is in full swing! 25 peeps, yup, 25 awesome designers, teachers, and VIP guests are working hard behind the scenes to deliver this stellar, December workshop. Next week … or soon … I’ll take you behind the scenes with early peeks at the kits, pages, and techniques we’ve already created. Are you ready?

5 Day Giveaway Winners

And finally, it’s time to announce the winners from my 5 Day Giveaway.

The Lefty Righty winner of a set of Modern Masters Collection 2, is MarcieHowe09.

The Tears & Curls winner of a set of Modern Masters Collection 2 + a $5 gift certificate to my store, is JenHignite.

The Modern Masters winner of a set of Modern Masters Collection 1 and Modern Masters Collection 2 (or a gift certificate to my template store of equivalent value | your choice), is RemToBreathe.

The 52 Thursday Templates winner of a set of Modern Masters Collection 2 plus a $10 gift certificate to my store, is LoriDigi.

And the Album Templates winner of a complimentary seat into my upcoming class: Holiday Templates 2011: It’s In the Details, is Otoso2007.

Congratulations all you lucky, lucky ladies. Please contact me as soon as you can to redeem your prizes. Let me know if you already own a specific prize and we’ll work around it. Thanks everyone for adding your layouts in. Keep it up — you never know how I might “thank YOU”.

All right, I hear my son calling. Mooooo! Oh yes, 52 Template no. 29 will be up this afternoon. Grab no. 28 if you haven’t already.

Winner | RadLab + Coupon Code

The lucky winner of a complimentary copy of RadLab, courtesy of the peeps at Totally Rad Actions, is Candice S! Send me an email here to get your hook up, lucky lady!


I don’t have any more RadLabs to giveaway right now but here’s a coupon code to snag a copy at 15% off. Use code TILLMAN at checkout to get your discount! Good until September 29th, 2011.

Click here for the latest Totally Rad Lab Coupon Code.

Winner | Scraphic Design: Foundations

The lucky winner of a complimentary seat into Scraphic Design: Foundations is Tammy! Congratulations. Send me an email here to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your “design hangups”. Hope you’ll join me in class October 3, 2011 and learn techniques for solving those dilemmas.

The next 52 template will post shortly. Be back soon … and definitely join me tomorrow for THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER! I’ll give you a hint. It’s a totally Rad Lab.

Scraphic Design: Foundations | Seat Giveaway

What It’s About

The Scraphic Design workshop, consisting of Foundations & Core, is a two-part, monster series that dives into the process of graphic design and marries it to the sweet, home-grown hobby of scrapbooking. The twist I bring is the discussion of design as it applies to the needs and solutions of digital scrapbookers as it IS different from our paper peers. So, we’ll discuss design theory, relate it to digital scrapbooking, complete assignments, discover our strengths, improve upon our weaknesses, and have a jolly good time doing it!

When It Starts

Foundations is NOW open for registration! The workshop begins October 3, 2011 and concludes October 30. The Core class follows next at the beginning of November. Register now for Foundations and take advantage of the $10 early discount.

What You Get

Each student receives a one-on-one, written critique conducted by yours truly. Each evaluation is an important step in the process. And every student will walk away with a better understanding of who they are as a designer.

Also included is twenty video lessons, which define and illustrate the concepts introduced. Plus you’ll receive a full color PDF workbook with layout samples and additional case studies for easy reference.

Why Take It

I love this class because I get the opportunity to consult with you on a one-on-one basis. It’s one of the ONLY classes that presents such an intimate opportunity — well, not that intimate — but you know what I mean. Between the two classes (Foundations & Core), your work is reviewed for almost an hour not counting our “meetings” in the LIVE chat room and forum. So plenty of face time — well, not smack in the face — but you know what I mean. You get the chance to pick my design brain and hear my thoughts on your unique skill set.

Likewise, if you’re stuck on template scrapbooking and want to step-out away from using the “designs” of others then this class WILL help. We start at the beginning with inspiration and my tried-and-true practices for structural-design development. Then we tackle the most important graphic design principles that influence the foundation of your pages.

You’ll also see a lot of pages broken down into a skeletal form, like this:

My entire process of page generation is separated into bite-sized, understandable chunks. And the insights I offer throughout the course are tailored to fit your design style.

If you want more information or you’re ready to jump-in and get started on the prework, click here! Take advantage of the $10 discount early bird pricing and enroll before September 7, 2011.

You’ve Got Questions | I’ve Got Answers

Contact me if you’d like to jump-in the journey but have a question. Also check out this introduction video to the Scraphic series.

And Finally | A Complimentary Seat Giveaway

Throw your hat in the ring to win a complimentary seat into this class!* Post a comment here in this thread by Monday, September 5th, 2011 by 11:59 PM EST. In your comment, share your biggest design challenge. Increase your chances of winning by tweeting, facebook(ing), or blogging about the class/giveaway. Be sure to post a new comment for each tweet or post. Good luck!

*You’ll receive a full refund if you take advantage of the early bird price, purchase the class, and win. Alumni of the class are ineligible to receive a refund.

Simple Snapshots | Giveaway

Coming to the DHD store this Thursday!


Enter below for your chance to win it now.

To enter for your chance to win a set, simply leave a comment by Wednesday, August 17th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard time/New York City. Increase your chances of winning by posting about this giveaway on twitter/facebook/or your blog. Be sure to come back and post a link as a new comment entry. Post a new comment for each.

The winner will be announced here Wednesday morning, August 18th.

Winner | TextFX Giveaway

I owe someone a chicken dinner! Fried chicken, potato salad, fresh greens, biscuits, and cherry pie. Oh snap! That wasn’t the winner’s promised prize!

The lucky winner won a complimentary seat into Text FX. And the lucky winner was Mickee! Congratulations. I’ll be in touch shortly with your specifics.

Y’all listed some very interesting fonts, some I’ve used for years like Carpenter ICG, Zapfino, and Bradley Hand. Others were new to me. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

If you’re looking for some new and cool fonts, check out The League of Moveable Type. I mean really, who can’t use a plethora of open-source, free, high-quality fonts? And join me in the Text FX class to gain ideas on how to use them.


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