Stylish Digital Effects

How to Blend a Pattern Into a Background Using Brushes

What’s up homies! You know, I carry around a large bag of digital tricks. It’s the best kind of baggage to have because it doesn’t weight you down or wake you up in the middle. A digital trick bag only says, “Use me.” And why would you deny that request?

I digress.

One of the best tools in the digital trick bag is the Brush tool! Known for wiping away pixel messes (or creating them), the brushes and the Brush tool offers so much more than regular stamps and paints for paper crafters. Because we can infuse our brush strokes with the normal color or the abnormal text, gradient, pattern, photo, texture, lighting effect, filter, adjustment, or mask.

And I’ve probably forgotten a few others! That’s a ton of options, don’t you think?

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3 Ways to Rebuild Digital Project Life Cards

I’m in love with Gene Wilder. Blazing Saddles. Willy Wonka. Young Frakenstein. That Gene Wilder.

My poor, innocent kids are often subjected to his quotes from movies recorded years ago. Of course, they have no idea who he is (even the Willy Wonka reference points them to Johnny Depp, which is not a bad thing at all).

But when I try to entertain them with “My name is Frakensteen!”, yes I’d like them to laugh. A lot. Because it’s HILARIOUS!

I need a better audience.

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How to Quickly Hide Clutter from Your Favorite Photos

You and I shoot a ton of photos. And unless you’re a Stepford Wife, I’m guessing you have some clutter in the background of your photos too!

Piles of laundry. Somebody’s shoes. Bunches of toys. Or if you’re outside, a tree, an electrical pole, some random stranger’s boob (or butt). Trust me; I say this with authority because some awkward strangers rear-end, clothed of course, is always photo-bombing my photos.

And I despise it!

But who has the time to extract the awkward photo-bomber out? Or remove the tree? And most times, I want to include the toys! Perhaps they’re less obvious but still show that I’m not a Stepford Wife.

Well in today’s Q&A Wednesday video, I’mma show you how to hide the clutter in your photos. It’s a fancy yet easy trick I’ve used for years. Except no one can tell unless I point it out! And now you get to learn some of that voodoo I do!

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How to Cut a Negative Shape into a Pocket Style Template

Howdy fellow digital scrapbookers! We’ve spent the last few weeks here at Simply Tiffany learning more about Project Life in interviews with Jennifer Hignite and Heather Johnson. Project Life , or what’s becoming a hot trend as pocket scrapbooking, seems like such an interesting system for documenting our lives simply and efficiently.

Even I, a die-hard loving my unique design pages scrapbooker, can see the benefit of the system. More on that coming up later this week …

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