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This Week | Collab with Karla Dudley + Giveaway

On sale now through Sunday, March 4, 2012.

I’ve been a fan of Karla Dudley for a long, long time. Her brain leaks design — seriously. Open it up and I bet you’ll find digital scrapbooking design schematics seared into her cerebellum. The girl is a kit genius! And I’m lucky enough to call her a friend too.

We’ve wanted to collab together for some time and finally the stars aligned long enough for us to work together. We created This Week: a papers & elements + templates collaboration.

I love Karla’s kit because it’s perfect for Project Life or 365 but versatile enough for events and moments celebrated any week. I love my templates because they’re straight-lined, linear with that touch of unpredictable. I often find templates, such as these, get right to the point and tell the story yet the photos stay right in the spotlight. The kit and templates are on sale until the end of the weekend.

Take a peek at Karla’s creative team’s creations.

It’s Elemental | The Giveaway


One lucky someone can win both kits! To enter for your chance to win This Week templates + kit, simply leave a comment answering this question: What are YOU doing this week? by Thursday, March 1st at 12:00 pm (noon) Eastern Standard time/New York City.

The winner will be announced here Thursday afternoon, March 1st. Good luck!

Sliver Templates Collection One | Inspiration + Winner

Finally in the store today are the Sliver Templates Collection One for 30% off until Thursday 11:59 PST. I sincerely enjoyed creating them; I feel like they’re “me” more than any other design. Or the “me” who showed up for 2012. The templates feature strong shapes, some whitespace, dramatic title areas and a few photos to drive the point home. The Slivers are exactly where I’m at design-wise. And there’s just something about imagining a type of layout in your head and transforming the idea into the tangible. It’s a good feeling, know what I mean?

Also included in the download is a *bonus* back of Southern Word Art. The reason behind their creation? I was watching Top Chef, which was recorded in Texas this season, and I thought it’d be cute to have some dialect phrases to pull from on occasion. Hope y’all like it, you here!?

The Page Artists created loads of inspiration. Check out how they rocked the set.













Sliver Templates Giveaway Winner


All right! Thanks everyone for entering to win a chance to win the set. The winner of a brand new set of Sliver Templates Collection One is … MMikes! Please contact me to claim your prize.


The Daily Digi: Stuffy no. 4 – 7

If you’re not up-to-date with the Daily Digi, add it to your pixel reading list now. I’m fascinated with the topics and plethora of learning tips Steph and the gals offer every single day. A few days back, I had the pleasure of contributing a new collection to the Digi Files, a month to month collection of huge digi kits created by invited guests for Daily Digi members. Here was my contribution to the October 2011 digi files!

Stuffy templates are my favorites because I can present great photography, intricate element groupings, layering, and shaped journaling neatly and orderly. That’s not easy to do so I take my time with them. Every single template is thrown on my ‘digital battlefield’ where I test template population and modification strategies. Seriously, I really do that. And if the Stuffy measures up at the ‘digital battlefield’ and my page design standards, it graduates to the collection.

Hence the reason why few Stuffy’s exist.

Sooo … visit the Daily Digi, catch up with the amazing content they feature, and gaze upon this month’s collection of designer kits. Become a member and download hundreds of goodies. And tell ’em Tiffy from the digital battlefield sent you. Don’t forget to review the page inspiration by creative team members from my team and the Daily Digi gals.

P.S. There’s a Simply Tiffany Studios 30% off coupon hosted at the end of this post.

Open the Vault: Album Templates + Fall Super Sale + Giveaway

Studiolist subscribers received an additional 10% off!

Today marks the beginning of fall, in the states, and my seasonal sale. It’s one of the few times of the year my products are offered at such a steal. Time to stock up and save.

In the meantime, let’s wrap-up the blast from my 250 template past! I guess it’s fitting to end the series with a look at my most popular template sets: Summer Templates and Holiday Templates 2010. ‘Cause they’re dope like that!

The Summer Templates Album Set was created for the Summer Templates 2010 class, which is still available as a self-paced online workshop. It’s both my longest running and still most popular class. The templates are paired with daily learning lessons featuring page design secrets for linear, clustered, and artistic styles. They’re good together in an album but even better as individual pages for any type of page project.

But you don’t have to purchase them for the class. Summer templates are also available as a set and in individual layouts at my DHD store.

The Holiday Edition 2010 Template Album set was for last year’s holiday workshop. It has more of a coordinated look unlike the summer set. It’s designed to help you quickly put together pages where your photos are the focus.

There are hundreds of awesome examples of each set and many are shared in the Tiffany’s Template flickr pool. Have you checked it out? I hope you’ll share your layouts there too because you can win one of five awesome giveaways! And here’s the fifth and final giveaway!

(registration opens November 1)

That’s right, guess what’s coming back new and more amazing than ever?! Holiday Templates 2011: It’s In the Details.

The class is currently in development: the delicious class kit is done! *shibby* The Page Artists are working their layouts. And I’m screencasting tons of new Photoshop and Photoshop Elements techniques for your viewing pleasure during this holiday season. Every detail is being addressed and you’ll be happy as a pearl in a clam shell if you join me! And one lucky gal will join me even before registration opens!

In the next few weeks, I’ll share behind the scenes peeks at the kits, layouts, techniques and more featured for the class. So be sure to look for that. In the meantime:

The 5 Day Giveaway

Have you used any of my templates to create gorgeous layouts? Add any and all of your layouts to the template Flickr pool by this coming Sunday and you’ll be entered to win goodies according to the random giveaways below:

  • Add a 2-paged layout using any Lefty Righty | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 2.
  • Add page layouts using my Tears or Curls | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 2 + a $5 gift certificate to my store.
  • Add page layouts using the Modern Masters | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 1 and Modern Masters Collection 2 (or a gift certificate to my template store of equivalent value | your choice).
  • Add ANY page layouts using the 52 Thursday Templates | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 2 plus a $10 gift certificate to my store.
  • Add ANY page using layouts from my previous template class albums including Summer Templates or Holiday Templates 2010 | you’ll be entered to win a complimentary seat into my upcoming class: Holiday Templates 2011: It’s In the Details (information coming soon).

Get your layouts in by midnight Sunday PST, September 25, 2011! I’ll randomly pick winners out of the Flickr pool and post winners on Monday. Good luck!


Open the Vault: Modern Masters

Tuesday’s topic featured the tears. Wednesday’s topic is all about the Modern Masters. Gosh, I love them. Seriously. I’d marry those templates if such things were allowed. Alas, a marriage to an inanimate object is taboo much less a digital object, but a girl can go wondering, right?

The masters represent … me. Cheesy, yes, but it’s the truth. They fit my current style of page design: where linear organization teams up with artistic brushwork. I add current because I change page styles as often as I change clothes hairstyles. The masters classify as editorial because they offer plenty of room to share the story. They’re light, generally require little to no layering and they’re clean. Like a soft whiff of febreeze.

A few of my favorites offer gradient adjustment layers with layer masks, which allow you to blend a photo into a background paper. It’s the same technique I used to create this and this times two. I never tire of the look.

My page artists really enjoy using the masters. I’ve featured their layouts previously on the old blog. But I didn’t have the chance to share page artist Barbara’s amazing photo book creation featuring her family’s trip to San Francisco. She mixed a few artistic Summer Templates in to finish. Check it out! Isn’t it gorgeous!

Click here to view this photo book larger.

I also love the flexibility and versatility of the masters. You can use them with minimal fuss or add a lot of layering and texture for a more robust page. Check out Jen’s page below.

I had said I would not add to the original set, that I could not improve upon the original version. At the time, I was correct. But good design evolves over time. New ideas begin and permeate. Thus it was so for the masters and I set out to develop a more refined group that captured the editorial beauty of the first set while offering a new twist to the design. Introducing Modern Masters Collection 2.

Though volume 2 works as independent layouts, they’re suitable as two pagers too. And those circles just aren’t circles! They’re blended graphic elements, which change the mood of objects underneath it. Let’s take a closer look at one of my new layouts using no. 17.

Credits: Patterned Paper: Jen Wilson • Brushes: Barely There 

You’ll get various results depending on the type of background paper or photo on the layers beneath the circular blends. But it really increases the visual texture of the page. And it’s one of the reasons I love them so much. Remember, I’m engaged to these. Katherine’s layout below uses no. 16.

Modern Masters Collection 2 will be available for purchase on Thursday, September 22 at 30% off! But you could win them …

The Upcoming Sale Giveaway

I’m having a sale this upcoming weekend and I want to celebrate! Sooo … have you used any of my templates? Add any of the following layouts to the template Flickr pool by this coming Friday Sunday and you’ll be entered to win goodies according to my random giveaways below.

  • Add a 2-paged layout using any Lefty Righty | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 2.
  • Add page layouts using my Tears or Curls | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 2 + a $5 gift certificate to my store.
  • Add page layouts using the Modern Masters | you’ll be entered to win a set of Modern Masters Collection 1 and Modern Masters Collection 2 (or a gift certificate to my template store of equivalent value | your choice).

See a pattern here? Join me tomorrow for another blast from my template past!

Open the Vault: Tears & Curls

Howdy, welcome back to the blast of my 250 template past. Yesterday’s topic was the Lefty Righty 2 pagers. Today, I want to travel in a totally different direction.

My favorite templates aren’t actually pages at all. Nope, they’re tears and curls. Don’t worry, I didn’t count them towards my 250 total. I absolutely adore rips and slashes — you should see my selection of jeans. They aren’t hole-ly but they are missing a few threads. The same can be said about my favorite scrap pages. Tears and curls are the perfect accessory for layouts exhibiting texture, depth, and a bit of grunge thrown in.

The process for creating them is ridiculous. Seriously! Construction takes 30 minutes for one tear alone. First comes the selection of the paper. I evaluate the weight, tearing capacity, flexibility, and colors on either side. Then comes the tearing and curling; it has to be perfect! I’m a perfectionist so you can imagine the scraps I’ve created looking for that special tear. Rocket science, you know.

Once the tear meets NASA’s specifications, it travels to my scanner bed for scanning and tinkering in Photoshop. First I run an action, which duplicates the image and automatically adjusts Brightness, Curves, and Levels. And then I tinker with it a bit more. Here’s a peek at one of my tears pre-editing.

The next step involves the heavy laboring process: extracting the tear/curl from its background. I wish I could offer a solid procedure for the process but … there ain’t one. It’s really a matter of whatever works, whatever I can pull out of my arsenal of selection techniques while maintaining the integrity of the curl. Shadows are removed as well as individual fibers that just create pixel noise at the end of the day. On a good day, I can finish this step within 15 minutes. On a bad day, I’m Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day: starting over & over again until I get it right.

The final step is to add a background and test the tear for digital shadowing. Here’s an image of the same tear above post-editing.

And my layer’s panel after all is said and done.

Occasionally, a truly wonderful digi scrapper will send an email with kudos: Tip, your tears are super special and uber real. Thanks! I hear you. I think they meet NASA specs too. And now you know why! Set three is my favorite.

I’ve got three sets of tears as of today, a really cool video tutorial sharing my secrets for using them effectively in Digital Scrapbook Using Layered Tears and Curls, and inspiring layouts using those rips. Click on the images for credits.

 Joyful by Barb

Sweet Summer Memories by Katherine

The Happiest Place by Bernie

Because I Love It by Tracy

The Upcoming Sale Giveaway

I’m having a sale this upcoming weekend and I want to celebrate! Sooo … have you used any of my tears? Add your torn layouts to the template Flickr pool by this coming Friday Sunday. One second lucky scrapper will win my upcoming template album being released this Thursday and $5 gift certificate to my store! Don’t forget to add your 2 page layouts using the Lefty Righty’s. And join me tomorrow for another blast from my template past.

Open the Vault: Lefty Righty 2-Page Templates

The past few days have been rainy and wet. Dreary would be the proper term if the change in season wasn’t welcome. Dude, I am so over summer. Anyhoo, we’ve been stuck in the house piddling around. During the emptiness of our schedule it  it hit me: how many templates have I created to date? Do you know? I sure didn’t! Honestly, I’ve never kept track.

I failed to keep an accurate count because Edna Mode insists she “never looks back, it distracts from the now”. Her sentiment works perfectly when you want to forget. But when you want to remember, when you really want to dig up the bones out of the cartouche, you’ve got to look back. And so I did.

How many templates have I created? 250, give or take a few, since I started offering them professionally back in May 2008. That’s a lot of potential pages. And this week, before my biggest sale of the quarter starts on September 23rd, I thought it be fun to look back and reconnect with a few from the vault with some of my favorites by the Page Artists, DHD Decorators and layouts in the Template Flickr group. Today let’s start with the cool two pagers.

Lefty Righty are combined design efforts by sketching genius, Allison Davis, and techno-geek, me. Allison’s page designs reflect the honest spirit of scrapbooking: that perfect balance of photos paired with the well-defined story. Somehow she manages to fit the average sized group of photos with plenty of room for whitespace, elements, a large title, patterns, color and text. I think no. 10 is my favorite.

Here are some of my favorite pages crafted from our joint effort. Click on the images for credits.

Lefty Righty no. 6

Lefty Righty no. 14

Lefty Righty no. 13

Lefty Righty no. 12

Lefty Righty no. 8

Have you used any Lefty Righty templates 1 – 16? Add your Lefty Righty layouts to the template Flickr pool by this coming Friday Sunday. One lucky scrapper will win my upcoming template album being released this Thursday! And join me tomorrow for another blast from my template past.

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