How to Recolor Digital Scrapbooking Elements Professionally Using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

Howdy peeps! Welcome to another fabulous edition of Q & A Wednesday — the new weekly VIDEO feature here at Simply Tiffany Studios that answers your digital scrapbooking questions. Today, I pulled a technique straight out of my professional digital bag of tricks for both Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users. Because what kick-butt crafter doesn’t carry around a bag of digital tricks? My bag is by Coach.

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How to Create Amazing Shadows Using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Hello peeps! Are you ready for another, fabulous edition of Q & A Wednesday — the new weekly VIDEO feature here at Simply Tiffany Studios that answers your digital scrapbooking questions? I hope you are because today’s topic is stellar! And since I featured a typography tip specific to Photoshop users last week, it’s time to show Photoshop Elements users some love.

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Giveaway Winner | Brushshop & Bamboo Create

First, thank you everyone for entering and sharing your thoughts about the Brush tool in the comments. Many of you said you needed more instruction on how to use the tool. I so hope you’ll join me in Brushshop as we’ll focus on Brush tool basics, distressing and artistry together.

One lucky someone has won a complimentary enrollment into class along with a brand new Wacom Bamboo Create. And that someone one is …

Justasiam, please contact me to redeem your prizes!

How to Choose & Use Fonts Stylishly

Welcome to another edition of Q & A Wednesdays — a new weekly VIDEO feature here at Simply Tiffany Studios that answers your digital scrapbooking questions. If you’ve ever wanted to pick MY brain on how or why I do digital this, pixel that, or scrapbook who-ha, you’ll love this series.

First, thank you all for sending in your questions via email or adding them in the comments. I enjoy learning about what you want to know and masterminding how I can share the answer in the Q & A. Isn’t that wild! So keep sending them in.

Q & A Wednesday for Today

In this week’s fabulous Q & A, you’ll learn how I use fonts “stylishly”. And what I mean by that is you’ll discover:

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What are the Differences between PS & PSE for Digital Scrapbookers

Howdy gals! I’m really super-excited and stoked because I’ve got some scraptacular news to share with all of you today! Today marks the beginning of something I KNOW will help digital scrappers everywhere craft kick butt pages. I want us all to be digiscrappy ninjas! Because ninjas kick butt and scrappy ninjas … we kick crafting ass. There I said wrote it!

Without further reading delay, I introduce you to …

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Capturing the Single Moment | A Scrapper’s Style Interview with ViVre

Hi ViVre! Welcome to Simply Tiffany Studios. Tell us about you and your digi-scrapping craft.

On the internet, I’m known as ViVre (with two capitals). Vi are the first letters of my first name and Vre are the first letters of my last name. I live in the Netherlands and speak Dutch but in French “vivre” means “to live.” I like to play with words and their meanings.

I purchased my first personal computer in the early 1990’s. When Adobe released Photoshop 5, one of my brother-in-laws installed it for me. That’s when I started playing and creating photo collages.  Right from the start I added words, poems, lyrics, and proverbs to my collages. I love the back and forth between words and photos, and photos and words. I think the interplay adds depth to both.

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The Modern Classic | A Scrapper’s Style Interview with Krista Sahlin of Sahlin Studio

Hi Krista and welcome to Simply Tiffany Studios! Tell us a bit about you and your digital crafting.

I am a digital scrapbook designer for Sahlin Studio, a wife and a mother of two kiddos, Gabe and Sophie. My love of scrapbooking came pretty early; I have been scrapbooking since high school. I found digi in 2007, but I don’t think anyone called it digital scrapbooking back then. I laugh when I think how I scrapbooked using Microsoft PowerPoint software. Things have come a long way since then!

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What digital scrapbooking techniques would you want to learn?

If you could master any digital trick or technique, what would you want to learn? I’m curious — let’s just say I’ve got something up my sleeve. And if you could pick my digital brain — gosh that would be kinda gross — what would you want to know? Perhaps you would want to see digital tricks of the scrapbooking trade, or how to use Filters and Effects, or maybe even more ideas on how to start digital scrapbooking. Everything is fair game!

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Current Trends with Masterful Scrapbook Design

The September issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design highlighted loads of current trends in scrapbooking. And I had the chance to play along with some new layouts. As a side note …

One thing I realize about my craft  is that I don’t keep up with the trends. I “notice” when digital kits begin to feature similar patterns, like the Chevron trend, or embellishments, like the owl trend. But I very rarely jump on what’s trendy – I actually had to force myself to use what was hot because I’m so comfortable staying in my “design” comfort zone.

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