Mother's Day Scrapbook Layout

Mother’s Day Layout

Mother's Day Scrapbook Layout

I made my Mom cry when I showed her this layout. In small part because she didn’t realize I was sneaking around her room taking photos of her stuff. But in large part because she knew I had taken the time to craft something specifically for her.


Mother's Day Scrapbook Layout


When I scrapbook, I create pages that connect me with someone else. My kids, my parents, my husband. They’re the people who get the tingles when they see a layout. They’re the people who want to read the stories over and over again.


That’s what scrapbooking is ALL about. The extra techniques we digital scrapbookers use are just extra tools to complete the project. That’s it!


My Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers class is a FREE live broadcast scheduled for June 22nd, click here to RSVP here. Many of the techniques used to craft this layout will be highlighted in that class. But I’ll also share how to transform those techniques into pages that create connections.


I mean, that’s why we scrapbook, right? Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, your loved ones here and in the heart.

Scrapaneers LIVE! 2

Scrapaneers LIVE 2 Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful feedback about what you struggle with and want (and need) to learn about digital scrapbooking. I save everything you share because it will help me develop the kinds of tutorials right here on this site that will help you scrapbooking. A win, win for all!


Now to that winner. The lucky recipient of a complementary ticket to Scrapaneers LIVE! 2 is Ginger C. who left this important feedback:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.21.59 PM


Ginger holler back at me to claim your prize, please.


And for any one who was NOT Ginger, I hope you’ll still join me and hundreds of fellow digi-scrappers at Scrapaneers LIVE! 2. You’ll really enjoy yourself and learn tons of new techniques that you can apply to your pages immediately.

Scrapaneers LIVE! 2

Scrapaneers LIVE! 2 Giveaway

I am fashionably late to my own party. But, nonetheless, I have shown up wearing more than my birthday suit.* And for that, we all WIN!


Looking back, this year has been full of helping people learn to scrapbook, which I absolutely love doing! It’s as if someone asked the 9-year old Tiffany ‘what you’d want to do when you graduated to adult-level and I replied with ‘teach people how to scrapbook with technology’. And that dream came true.


I could also have dreamt to live in Hawaii as a millionaire eating cracked crab and lobster everyday with a martini in one hand and my iPad in the other. But kids are never that practical. And life is never that easy so I’ve chosen door number two, Alex.

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The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners Begins Tomorrow!

I’m excited! Class is ready. The ladies who have worked with me behind the scenes including the Scrapaneers peers teams and the chicks over at the Digital Press are pumped. It is time! Be sure to jump on our newsletter too if you want early access — like tonight!



You know, scrapbooking means the world to me. Sure I love pretty papers and doo-hickeys. And the career I have puts good food on the table.


But there’s something more.


Alzheimers and dementia runs strongly in my family. I watched my grandmother, my favorite girl, transform from this amazing, gracious, joyful, would-give-you-the-food-off-her-fork woman into a woman who couldn’t remember how to perform the basics of tasks. She would tell stories that had never happened. There were dark and ugly moments I can’t even describe online and in a blog post. Nor would I want to.


But before my eyes, I and my family, lost our favorite girl. And as we’ve healed, there’s a part of me that will never get over watching her suffer like she did.


I scrapbook because I fear how the disease might affect my Dad. Or my sister. Or me.


I scrapbook because our books might help us remember who we love and what we did just a few more days or hours longer.


I digital scrapbook because it’s quicker, saves me money, and space.


I do this because it’s real.


I once told Lisa Bearnson, original founder of Creating Keepsakes magazine, that scrapbooking was my personal hieroglyphic monument. My own way to document the now. And preserve it as my heart’s time capsule. Just because I choose to use technology (mobile or otherwise) instead of some huge-ass pyramid doesn’t make it any less important.


It’s just as real. Just as necessary. Just as meaningful.


And if you don’t know how to do what I do, I want to show you how. How to do this!


The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 3

Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners begins in a little over two weeks! On May 1, I’m releasing this brand new class at Scrapaneers and it will be absolutely FREE!


We’ve been counting down the opening of said class by detailing how a class is born and raised through infancy. After Part 1 and Part 2, we’re at the final with Part 3.


Let’s discuss the big-daddy: Video Production.

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The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 2

Today marks the one month mark before Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners begins! And trust me, this isn’t some big April Fool’s joke. On May 1, I’m releasing this brand new class at Scrapaneers and it will be absolutely FREE!


As we wrap up the final details for class and countdown the start, I’d thought it be cool to show you exactly how this class (and many of our classes at Scrapaneers) go from an idea in the cranium to an enjoyable class production. Catch up with Part 1 here.


Now, let’s talk about some eye-candy.

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The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 1

digi101_screenshotYesterday on the Scrapaneer’s Facebook page, we announced a new class: Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners. Or what I call Digi 101. Digi 101’s have been around for years. They have! But I’m super excited to tackle the topic and offer the Scrapaneers version because this one will be big. Big and FREE!


And while I’m currently wrapping up the details for class and tidying up video production, I thought it’d be nifty to share exactly how we build classes from scratch!


I’ve designed scrapbooking classes for 10 years and online digital scrapbooking classes for 8 years. And I love it though some days I have less hair on my head and leftover follicles turn gray. But when a student walks away completely pleased with everything she’s learned, I’m beyond fulfilled. And I start all over again.

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