The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 3

Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners begins in a little over two weeks! On May 1, I’m releasing this brand new class at Scrapaneers and it will be absolutely FREE!


We’ve been counting down the opening of said class by detailing how a class is born and raised through infancy. After Part 1 and Part 2, we’re at the final with Part 3.


Let’s discuss the big-daddy: Video Production.

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The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 2

Today marks the one month mark before Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners begins! And trust me, this isn’t some big April Fool’s joke. On May 1, I’m releasing this brand new class at Scrapaneers and it will be absolutely FREE!


As we wrap up the final details for class and countdown the start, I’d thought it be cool to show you exactly how this class (and many of our classes at Scrapaneers) go from an idea in the cranium to an enjoyable class production. Catch up with Part 1 here.


Now, let’s talk about some eye-candy.

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The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class

The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 1

digi101_screenshotYesterday on the Scrapaneer’s Facebook page, we announced a new class: Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners. Or what I call Digi 101. Digi 101’s have been around for years. They have! But I’m super excited to tackle the topic and offer the Scrapaneers version because this one will be big. Big and FREE!


And while I’m currently wrapping up the details for class and tidying up video production, I thought it’d be nifty to share exactly how we build classes from scratch!


I’ve designed scrapbooking classes for 10 years and online digital scrapbooking classes for 8 years. And I love it though some days I have less hair on my head and leftover follicles turn gray. But when a student walks away completely pleased with everything she’s learned, I’m beyond fulfilled. And I start all over again.

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Breathing The Art of Simplicity

It was too complex for me. And that’s saying a lot considering I’m a Borg.


About two years ago, I woke up in a cold sweat thinking: I’m overloaded! At the time I was teaching online classes monthly, selling digital templates, and offering a weekly video show at 3 different websites. With three different systems and three different sets of deadlines which required three different brains. Two more then I actually have — I checked.

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Our Lives with Sensory Processing Disorder

Our Life with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Part 1

I knew Chaddy was different the moment he was born. It was his scream — the blood-curdling wail that blared out of his mouth the moment he popped out. He didn’t cry; he was an alarm. The kind you hear at 3 am in the morning. And it woke my soul up.

I could hear him meters down the passageway when the maternity nurses rolled him towards my room. That’s how intense he was! But he was my gorgeous little guy. And I had already loved him for many days.

Fast forward 3 months later. Chaddy didn’t sleep and he didn’t eat. Strike that. He did sleep but only after 2 consistent hours of rocking back and forth while I paced around my living room in circles. When he finally nodded off, I’d place him ever-so-gently on his stomach in the crib. Basically, everything experts say not to do.

Yeah, I did it. So he and I could sleep. Barely.

My dear sister and brother-in-law gifted Chaddy with a swing when he turned 4 months and life was finally grand! He slept through the night but he had to constantly swing. The moment he stopped was the moment he woke. Oh goodness, I cherished his swing; my heart broke when he outgrew it.

He was always in the 10th percentile yet he ate and ate! Nothing ever stayed down though because he had horrible acid reflux. I never found the right combination of foods to help his food stay put even after eliminating many-a-food from my diet and his when he started solids.

Between the sleeping and the eating, a warning bell formed in mind: something is … different.

Certainly not wrong. But different.

Friends and family would ask us to visit and stay over. And I would feel nervous. Because he put up such a humongous fuss.

Trips became tough. Car rides turned into short jaunts to the store and back — nothing else! Anything and everything seemed to upset him. Especially noise. And no amount of consoling helped.

The hardest part was the feeling that no one understood. And it lasted for the first two years of his life.

I’m happy to report that life has gotten somewhat better for my amazing son! But not after some very trying times for him and experiences that really tested my resolve as a parent. Not with him, of course, but with others as I tried to understand just what was exactly different about my special little guy.

In Part II, we’ll go to daycare and learn about the teacher who I almost put in a headlock.

How to Mist with Brushes & Embellishments

Oh The Places You Will Go … With Brushes

The Digital Scrapbooker’s Guide to Brushwork is in it’s 3rd week over at Scrapaneers and we’re hot in heavy into artistic painting and scanning for digital brushes. It’s one of my favorite parts of class because I’ve asked students to unlock their inner designer diva and paint random strokes with watercolor and acrylics. Then I show how to scan and photograph each, digitize, alter, and save all for their brush-inspired projects next week.

And It’s the only module we spend less time with pixels and more time with old fashioned paints and canvas.

We also learn how to repurpose other digital embellishments as brushes too, a nifty trick I’ve used for years! Let me show you what I mean:

First, you start with an embellishment nicely shadowed and positioned just so.


Then you apply some digital misting — Tiffany style, of course.


Next you add some text with a brush offset, add additional brushes (for filler) and continue to mist oh so eloquently.


And the final piece goes a little something like this:


The image by its self would look fabulous as a blog header, a title for a layout, shoot — even the front of a card!

But the entire image takes less than 2 – 3 minutes to create, you just have to know how! And if you DON’T know how but really want to, head on over and join me plus all the other students who are learning how to build dramatic digital brushwork RIGHT NOW!

We Got Married!

Guess What? We Got Married!

So we up and did it! We jumped the broom. Tied the knot. Blazed the trails. Skinned the chicken. Ate the fish.

You get it!

CJ and I got married! And officially I am Mrs. Tiffany Emanuel. Though the Tillman may stick around (at least online) until my official name is recognizable.


I’m stoked! Excited. Happy. Geeked. And I have newlywed brain because I can’t seem to recall which day it is or where I’ve placed the most important things around the house. I swear I’ve lost my wallet somewhere in the house everyday last week and Chaddy’s coat is STILL missing. Who does that?

No matter. I’m blessed. Because my man — well he’s indescribable. I’ll try any way.

He’s a genuine, good-hearted person who would give you the shirt off his back if you were cold AND lift your spirits with a joke while you put his shirt own. He’s kind, strong, looks for the best out of life. He’s not afraid to cry. He likes animals, children, and he changes poopy diapers. He doesn’t play an instrument, but he absolutely loves his mom and family.

Actually, I quoted a bit of Groundhog Day but it still works.

He’s the kind of person you know you could spend the rest of your life with.

The kids truly adore him. You’d never know he’d missed a day of their live when you watch them with him.

And I love the heck out of him.


We originally planned our wedding day for May 4th of 2015. Because that’s Star Wars Day — may the 4th be with you — and it’s an important day for Star Wars geeks the world around. Including us! But we decided to jump the gun early but still plan our reception and honeymoon for May.

We opted to visit the JOP (justice of the peace) and the dude who married us was an extremely funny retired police officer who told jokes. When he read our vows though, his voiced changed from a deep and velvety bass to a soft and breathy sigh. I couldn’t keep a straight face because of it! So, CJ and I winked at each other and traded silly faces until it was time to say our “I Will’s”.

There were no flowers, no cake, no fluffy white doves or a limo. Just two people, sharing their love, and solidifying their commitment as life long partners.

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