A Class I’m Frothing at the Mouth to Take + Giveaway

I have a new class coming out today. But that’s not why I’m writing.

Call me a foodie, a food porn addict, a fatty (just tell me I look preggo) whatever you want I’ll answer to it! If and only if it relates to food. I have a love affair with good, wholesome, REAL, food. And I’ve collected recipes since I learned that such a thing was possible!

My first cook book was a collection of family recipes from my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. That was way back in the day — 1999. Prince was affectionately known as The Artist Formerly Known As and I created the precious momento on my work computer at Kinko’s.

It was full color, included section titles with dramatic fonts, and a ton of crazy clip art of food we did not cook! But what it lacked in design, it made up for with recipes I still enjoy today.

Sadly, I haven’t updated it! Plus I’ve been carrying around a 3-ring binder of typed, outdated, worn papers. My iPad recipe apps are loaded with some of my newest recipes but apps are discontinued occasionally while others have actually lost my recipes after I entered them! That’s so no bueno.

Needless to say, my system is broken. And I really want to re-organize my recipes in a way that works for me. Preferably I’d like a binder system with the ability to remove and replace recipes over time. And something I can feel proud of sharing with anyone who comes over.

Instead of this:



Isn’t that ridic?

So when my homie, Kelly Sill, told me she had an organizational recipe pocket-style class in mind for the digital and hybrid scrapbooker, I practically foamed at the mouth!

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3 Ways to Rebuild Digital Project Life Cards

I’m in love with Gene Wilder. Blazing Saddles. Willy Wonka. Young Frakenstein. That Gene Wilder.

My poor, innocent kids are often subjected to his quotes from movies recorded years ago. Of course, they have no idea who he is (even the Willy Wonka reference points them to Johnny Depp, which is not a bad thing at all).

But when I try to entertain them with “My name is Frakensteen!”, yes I’d like them to laugh. A lot. Because it’s HILARIOUS!

I need a better audience.

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Project Life 2014 | May & My Ah-Ha Moments About Project Life

Yes! After geeking-out for the past Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I can honestly say I haven’t had this much fun scrapbooking in a long time! I just blew by 5 months of stories and photos I’ve wanted to share quickly, creatively and easily in a few days!

For some of the stories, mainly the ones about the kids, I’ll go deeper and build separate pages for their individual albums. Pages that different design-wise. But for our main family album, I simply love this process of combining multiple stories and photos on a single page to get the memory captured AND THE PAGE DONE!

That was the Ah-Ha moment for me.

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Project Life 2014 | April: The One Stop Shop Planner I Use for Project Life

Hello April! If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been geeking-out all this week about Project Life. Catch up with January, February and March posts too.

April was the month where I finally sought out the help of a tool to document and track. Basically, something that kept me from giving up on Project Life because I couldn’t possibly keep track of the moments I know I wanted included in our albums.

But y’all know me! A separate planner that required some type of commitment or system was completely out of the question. Because:

  • I can barely remember where I threw my bra the day before.
  • I’m a busy mom, business owner and creative. I already have enough planners and notebooks and iPhones and apps and doo-hickeys.
  • And if I were to use anything, it’d have to meet other needs. I like stuff that’s multi-talented.

Considering all the above, especially the part where I can’t remember where I hoisted my bras the day before, I thought I’d never find the PL Planner that worked for my busy life.

Luckily the answer was already in front of my face!



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Project Life 2014 | March: So That One Event Thing Didn’t Work; Back to OCD Details

Time for another edition of Project Life 2014 catch up. So after completing the January and February pages, I returned to mixing fleeting moments with the bigger events too.

While the single event on a page worked for those photos, I realize I can’t work quickly and most through the stories if I stick to a single event on a single page. That’s the way I’ve approached pages in the past. But I realize, this process requires letting go of the old way!

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