Howdy! I’m simply Tiffany.

My goal is to help you build kick-butt digital scrapbook pages. Hold on, stop the press, what do I mean by kick-butt? Let me tell you!

Kick-butt pages show-off your amazing gift for style. Kick-butt pages capture your authentic voice. And kick-butt pages visually communicate the memories you cherish most.

All digital scrapbooking pages deserve to be kick-butt, crafty creations, don’t you think?

I absolutely love digital scrapbooking. Not only is it my choice of artistic expression, it also captures the most important moments experienced by me and my family.

Anyone can build an amazing scrapbook page with some software and the heart to learn how; I truly believe this. That’s why I founded Scrapaneers, an e-learning community for digital scrapbookers of all skill-levels and styles. With a league of passionate instructors, you’ll find the world’s best resources for growing your technical skills AND connecting with the heart of our creative expression.

I’m known to deliver the most passionate classes with easy-to-understand projects and techniques. What can I say? I’m deeply committed to helping you improve your artistic and technical skill while capturing your favorite memories. Learn more about my online classes here.

Through my classes, tutorials, page templates and hilarious live webinars, you’ll learn practical methods for building amazing pages too.

Singing into the fake microphone with students at the Digital Scrapbook Experience in Provo, Utah

Am I the best digital scrapbooker on the block — eh — I would never pretend to be. Sometimes I’ll look at a completed page and think, “I must have had too much wine when I finished THAT sucker!”

But my commitment is to share the very best digital scrapbook tips and techniques so you may enjoy your crafting time too. And if you’re down for that — then it’s time to kick some crafting butt!

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