Scrapaneers LIVE! 2 Giveaway

I am fashionably late to my own party. But, nonetheless, I have shown up wearing more than my birthday suit.* And for that, we all WIN!


Looking back, this year has been full of helping people learn to scrapbook, which I absolutely love doing! It’s as if someone asked the 9-year old Tiffany ‘what you’d want to do when you graduated to adult-level and I replied with ‘teach people how to scrapbook with technology’. And that dream came true.


I could also have dreamt to live in Hawaii as a millionaire eating cracked crab and lobster everyday with a martini in one hand and my iPad in the other. But kids are never that practical. And life is never that easy so I’ve chosen door number two, Alex.


The Recap

But if you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, let’s recap what’s happened in the last year:

  • Opened Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners – a FREE introductory class for digital scrapbooking newcomers. Over 1000 peeps have taken that course. You’re next!
  • Started Champions – a monthly set of videos with techniques and creative strategies that help you create layouts step-by-step. Over 250 people adore Champions monthly.
  • Hosted the first Scrapaneers LIVE and taught alongside Anna Aspnes, Traci Reed, Amanda Taylor, Michelle Coleman of Little Dreamer Designs and Leah Riordan aka Mommyish. That was a TON of fun! You can enjoy all of our class replays right here.
  • Created Speedy Scrapbooking – a nod to martial arts legend Bruce Lee and how his training can help us scrapbookers scrap faster! Speedy Scrapbooking is only available by subscribing to the Scrapaneers newsletter here. But it’s ALSO free!


So, let’s see, that’s 14 classes in one year not counting managing operations at Scrapaneers.


And other more important ish like being a wife, a mom, and a functioning member of society who at least wears clothes when she grocery shops. *Remember the note above that if I actually get dressed (or take my robe off) that that’s a HUGE deal. Because I could completely spend my entire day in my robe – it’s that comfortable. 


My point is, I’ve been busy and thankfully doing what I love. So, I guess one could say I’ve been happy. I am happy. And that’s what’s MOST important!


One project I’m probably MOST excited about is Scrapaneers LIVE 2. Still 6 great classes by six amazing divi-crafting professionals. But this time, we’re spreading the learning over two days instead of trying to jam-pack everything into one like last time.


I had originally planned not to teach and just host because I expected to be knee-deep in wrapping up content for Mixed Media for Digi Scrapbookers and Compositing for Digi Scrapbookers at CreativeLive – more on that later. But we pushed the deadline out for both classes, which gave me the chance to develop a class for LIVE 2.


All In Action Class

And THAT class is All in Action. It’s a hands-on class that will show you how to transform your family’s favorite sporty photos into sharpened, live-action showcases perfect for layouts, wall art or trading cards. You’ll pick up tricks for precision extractions, lighting, sharpening, building contrasts, and blending plus learn how to use lines, whitespace, shadows and typography for dramatic looks.

From action-shots like these …

that require precision-like extractions because other players (and referees) are in the background,

and shots that have in-focus (and out-of-focus) areas,

and your best pic is somewhat dark and from so far away —

You’ll easily and creatively design layouts (or wall art or trading cards for his buddies) like this:

All In Action with Scrapaneers LIVE 2

And there are 5 more classes at LIVE 2 too.


LIVE 2 Giveaway

Pre-admission tickets for LIVE 2 have been on sale all month long. And if you’re wanting to attend (or get the recordings if you can’t attend live), you’ll want to get your tickets before 3/31 as you’ll save $54 bucks. Tickets shoot back up to regular price on 4/1.


But I’m giving away (or refunding) one lucky ticket to one lucky person who comments on this blog post before March 30 @ 11:59 pm EST. Again, if you enter but have already or plan to purchase your ticket before the sale ends, I will refund it in full IF you win. But you have to enter to win.


So to enter, simply reply to this post answering this question: ‘What digital scrapbooking techniques do you NOT know (or understand) but would want to learn?’ Anything goes.


Good luck!