The Anatomy of a (Digital Scrapbooking) Online Class – Part 2

Today marks the one month mark before Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners begins! And trust me, this isn’t some big April Fool’s joke. On May 1, I’m releasing this brand new class at Scrapaneers and it will be absolutely FREE!


As we wrap up the final details for class and countdown the start, I’d thought it be cool to show you exactly how this class (and many of our classes at Scrapaneers) go from an idea in the cranium to an enjoyable class production. Catch up with Part 1 here.


Now, let’s talk about some eye-candy.


Step 3: Build the Projects & Layouts

No class is complete without inspiration! Who doesn’t want different options for using kits and techniques? Everybody wants that!


So for Digi 101, the Scrapaneers Peers lent their creativity to the task — plus they just CAN’T pass down the opportunity to play with a new kit. Who can? Nobody that’s who! Here are a few of their layouts (the rest are, you guessed it, in the class videos and handouts).


by Me (this page is Lesson 1 by the way)

Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners


by Amy



by Judie B.


We completed our layouts back in January, which gave me plenty of time for the next phase of class:


Step 4: Write the Script using Scrivener

My big sister, a writer and professor in L.A., recommended Scrivener by Literature and Latte to me years ago. At first, I didn’t understand exactly why she did. Because how would a writing software help me script my videos but let me tell you — big sis knew what she was talking about!


Scrivener Screenshot


Using Scrivener, I create a blank digital project that organizes content into folders and papers, collects images or links and everything in between. Basically, it takes my big idea — with all of my objectives (from step 1) plus every single detail I need to “say” on video — and helps me download it from my head onto digital paper so it makes sense.


That means I don’t have to keep details and tons of individual files on my system. They’re all managed right inside of a single project in Scrivener. If I write on a topic and forget exactly where I discussed it, a quick search in the project returns all my class files and documents which uses the phrase. And trust me, that’s heavenly when a class includes written content of over 45,000 words!


The script also ensures I haven’t missed an objective and every detail is worked out before I record. There’s nothing like recording hours of video only to realize you missed some important process from video 3 that makes video 15 possible!


Now, I’ll be honest. Some of my fellow instructors skip the scripting phase and jump from the outline right into production. Because they prefer to wing-it and talk-from-the-hip. That’s a-okay in my book! But “I” can’t do that for a few reasons:


  • I’m too much of a perfectionist. Every detail in my control has to be perfect including the script and editing. Shooting from the hip means I have to accept some mistakes. And baby girl (me) can’t do that willingly.
  • Plus, I make too many mistakes! My mind wanders when I record and squirrel! Did you guys just see that? A squirrel popped into my sentence. So yes, my mind wanders when I record and squirrel. See, not a good thing during a video recording.
  • And finally, someone always interrupts me (usually someone’s kid — okay my own — and it’s a near life or death situation) and without a script, I can’t jump back in my video production chair knowing exactly where I left off before downgrading my kid’s life or death scenario to not-even-close-to-life-or-death and you just wanted to make sure mommy was at your beck and call.


And yes, I just said that last sentence out loud without taking a breath of air. Try it! It’s fun. Then do this one too:


Man, I love Ace Ventura!


So, why’s this all important? Well in Part 3, we’ll get down to the task that takes the longest but is absolutely my favorite part — Video Production and Editing!


Share the Good News!

If you’re a self-taught digital scrapbooker, you’ll benefit from this class — I promise. Or you may not need a Digi 101 class, and that’s cool. But if you know someone who’s curious about digital scrapbooking and has always wanted to learn, please let them know about the upcoming free class on May 1! Let’s pull them over to the dark side once and for all. ;)