Where Did All The Tutorials Go?

Any long time reader of the blog knows I love a good ole’ fashioned video tutorial. The kind I add my crazy PG humor to while completely entertaining you as well. If the video teaches at the same time, well, bonus! Like the video below for DIY Chipboard Alpha for Titles.


I use to produce a weekly video show called the Q&A Wednesday videos and they suddenly disappeared. So the question is: where did all of those weekly videos go? Why’d you stop producing them and when will you create more?


Good questions! I’ll even one-up myself with: where did all of those Interviews go? And templates? Why did all of that stop suddenly!


Actually, they never stopped. They just evolved!


Shortly after building Scrapaneers, I had an idea to build a monthly digital club specifically for scrapbookers who wanted to up-the-anty on their creative hobby. Learn more from a trusted source PLUS get unlimited access to digital goodies, and resources to scrap pages they love.


A kit club yes, but more like a high-quality, LEARNING digital scrapbooking club!


I also wanted to host a monthly podcast that dove deeper into a digital scrapbook artist’s style AND techniques too — something much bigger and better than written interviews. But, and it was a big BUTT, podcasts are great and all. But WE want to SEE an artist work in real time — not just hear about it. Don’t we? Nothing beats sitting down with a digital designer or layout artistic and watching her work. I don’t want you to tell me or try to point out things via a screenshot — SHOW ME!


So I set off to design said monthly club in 2013 and stopped! Stopped and gave up entirely. Because I didn’t think anyone would be interested.


Boy, was I wrong! Exactly one year later …

Champ_startChampions became that monthly digital scrapbooking club. And man — the feedback from subscribers has been amazing:


“Champions is great! But then I knew it would be, everything that Tiffany does is top notch. I started out with her classes at ReneePearson.com, and she has just gotten even better. I love the videos, and the ebook is outstanding.” — Karen E. via email


“You just blew my mind with the “One Shadow” Technique in the February Champions – I had to watch it twice to believe. It was worth every penny for just that idea!” — Ronnie C. via Facebook


“Wow! Just, wow! I learned so much from these videos. You demonstrated processes I would never have thought of. Thank you. Love me some Champions.” — JoAnna C. in the classroom


“Tiffany, I am SO glad I made the investment in a Champions membership! The kits are outstanding and your video tutorials are always informative. Although I’m a long-time Photoshop user, I always learn something new.” — Angie K. in the classroom


“Thank you, thank you. Love this month’s templates – I’m in heaven right now! Yassss.” — Rachel H. in the classroom


Rachel was talking about these templates below:




As an instructor, there’s no greater feedback for me than knowing I’m helping. Helping someone love their art and creativity even more because the technical details are taken care of. Here’s a peek at an insert from the Companion Book (handouts). The e-book takes me about two days to produce, but it’s worth all the time and effort.

Scrapaneers Champions Membership

Champions works so well because you get at least 4 (usually more) videos that tie in together around a specific digital theme each month. (Instead of weekly videos that are all over the place). For example, February’s Champs was centered around tricks we can only produce digitally. March’s Champs is all about techniques that look cut out. Then I ask one amazing designer to produce a brand-new, fabulous kit exclusive to the site for that month. Mye De Leon tackled February. And Karla Dudley produced our March kit.





And once the kit designer is finished, we go to work! The Peers team and I produce layouts, templates, quick pages, bonus videos and handouts that get everyone scrapbooking and learning. Here’s one of the February Champs vids for building Chipboard Alphas using PSE. It’s a quick-tip video, only a few minutes long, that covers one aspect of the page project the Champs build for February. Many of the videos are much, much longer. But y’all are my peeps so I had to share something, right?


DIY Chipboard Alpha for Titles in Photoshop Elements

What You’ll Need for Chipboard Alphas:

  • A nice chunky font like ChunkFive (IT’S FREE!) or any font you’d like to use.
  • The font for my page in the beginning is my all-time favorite Dominique
  • A chipboard-looking paper (Champs got all the pieces I used on my layout in the February kit too)



And that’s how it works! I dissect a project(s) each month and share in bite-sized videos how the page comes together using the videos to illustrate every step. So far, in just two months, we’ve added 27 videos to the Champs library (about 14 videos for both PS & PSE users). Everything’s neatly organized so anyone can quickly download the videos to watch later, get the kits, the handouts — anything they want at anytime (as long as you’re subscribed). And those written interviews I mentioned earlier — well they turned into the Coffee Break video-podcast, but that’s gotta wait for a different day. Anyway Champs subscribers get the monthly videocast at no additional charge.


Champs is a breath of fresh air for me. Whilst I enjoyed producing the weekly video show for my blog here, I couldn’t provide handouts everyone requested, interview in-depth with video, plus provide kit downloads so you could practice the techniques with me on projects — it just didn’t live up to the potential that I KNEW it could. And that’s how the Q&A (and everything else) evolved into Champions.


I’ll always provide videos here at Simply Tiffany just not as often as I tried to in years’ past. But if you’re looking for those regular video tutorials + handouts, interviews, kits, and templates — you now know where to find them all.