The Baby Book (That Took 10 Years to Build)

You’re going to think this is ridiculous. Not in the I-can’t-believe-that-politician-said-that sort of way. More like the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter sort of way. Here goes …


I joined the ranks of scrapbooking and eventually digital scrapbooking back in 2004. 11 years ago. For one reason. To build a baby book — a scrapbook of my daughter’s first year. I did build it but I was never happy with it.


It was too decorative. In my scrapbooking infancy, I was more focused on using tons of patterned paper and frocked scissors. Forget the details of her growing up, the day she said her first word and the actual word. Or the day she walked and my thoughts about the major milestone. Why put that in there?


You hear the sarcasm in my voice right?


I focused on making it look pretty instead highlighting the most important details I sincerely wanted to remember.


So did I revisit her book and make changes? Nah. Not yet. That’s shooting really high in the sky there and I’m still working on climbing the tree.


Instead, I applied the lesson learned to my son’s baby book. The one I’ve been steadily adding to about once a month.


First Year Baby Book by Simply Tiffany Studios


I envisioned my daughter’s book would look just like this 10 years ago! Except I got lost amongst all the pretty patterns, colors, and products. And I love how to-the-point this book and how quickly I’m working through it.

I also cut a few other corners to make the process super simple for myself:


  • Use the pocket system with my own Window System templates (coming back & soon to a digital store in May) so design and layout decisions were quick and easy.
  • Chose a single patterned paper and kit set to use on every page. Again, limiting my choices makes design decisions quick and easy. The paper and embellishments are from Sahlin Studio’s I’ll Love You Forever kit. The weekly and monthly numbers come from Karla Dudley’s Number Essentials (not currently available).
  • Filler and prompt cards were modified from Becky Higgins’ Digital Project Life Baby Edition. The price tag is pretty high as far as digital kits go but prompt cards point your mind to details and thoughts you’d otherwise skip.
  • Quick black and white and photo tints using Totally Rad’s Lightroom Presets The Original & Amped. Katrina Kennedy converted me to Lightroom after her Coffee Break interview. And while I’ll always LOVE Totally Rad’s RadLab, (you can read my RadLab review here) switching to Lightroom adjusted my workflow. So goodbye RadLab, my love.

I’ll use this method to complete my son’s 1st Year Baby Book. Then switch to more fun and versatile design for the remaining years like my daughter’s books. But I’m tickled — humor me — that 10 years later I finally found the baby book I always wanted to create.

And all this time it was right at my finger tips.

What project (album or otherwise) has eluded you since you started crafting and what would help you finish it once and for all?