Breathing The Art of Simplicity

It was too complex for me. And that’s saying a lot considering I’m a Borg.


About two years ago, I woke up in a cold sweat thinking: I’m overloaded! At the time I was teaching online classes monthly, selling digital templates, and offering a weekly video show at 3 different websites. With three different systems and three different sets of deadlines which required three different brains. Two more then I actually have — I checked.


So, I began to rebel by cutting and trimming and stitching and thinking and rethinking what I valued. What made me happy. And ultimately how I wanted to give back to that whole human race thing without sacrificing sleep or cold sweat.


Some changes were successful:


  • Launching Scrapaneers was a big part of the solution because I can offer classes on my own schedule. And also manage The Digital Coffee Break videocast — the evolution of the scrapper’s style interviews.
  • Though I’ll always miss the collaborations and camaraderie, moving away from product stores eliminated a lot of stress and constant monitoring of other events.


Other changes were not as successful:


  • Inviting Lilac Creative to remodel the site, though successful, introduced more complexity then I bargained for. I enjoyed working with her but should have put more time and consideration on what I needed and not what looked cool. Totally my fault!


When processes become too complex, too hard, we shut down. And that’s when I realized my own blog, my home, had become too complex even for me! Made more obvious by the fact that I stopped sharing.


So, I’ve made adjustments and returned back to simplicity. I hope you like them — I do. But the changes weren’t limited to my blog — no!


The reoccurring theme of my life as of late has been altering what I spend time on so I’m more efficient — and thus — happier. For example:


  • Saying no to relaxers and chemicals and embracing my natural hair, which ultimately led me to loc’ing my hair. More on that later!tiffany_locs
  • After interviewing Katrina Kennedy of Capture Your 365, I revamped my entire photo-editing and scrapbooking process by opting out of Camera Raw (and organizing in Adobe Bridge) and substituting Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom easily imports photos, organizes, keywords, and develop photos. And currently, I’m trying out The Original LP and Amped Lightroom presets by Totally Rad! Because RadLab was so perfect, I’m hoping the LR presets will be just as amaze-balls.
  • Building the monthly Champions digital club at Scrapaneers where I can offer new templates and video techniques along with exclusive designer kits and handouts once per month.


Champions excites me most because everything that I love to do — make entertaining digital scrapbooking videos, offer templates, provide inspiration, support, etc. — is wrapped up into one, neat package! I choose a theme for the month and corral all of the Photoshop and Elements steps and handouts into a beautiful companion guide. And the Peers add their inspiration with layouts and videos too.


Now, life is a little less complex. I can smell the flowers again and this Borg is happy!


So, how are you embracing simple these days?


PS. Many have written me and asked will I offer my templates for sale (not part of Champions)? Yes! Stay tuned for details.