Oh The Places You Will Go … With Brushes

The Digital Scrapbooker’s Guide to Brushwork is in it’s 3rd week over at Scrapaneers and we’re hot in heavy into artistic painting and scanning for digital brushes. It’s one of my favorite parts of class because I’ve asked students to unlock their inner designer diva and paint random strokes with watercolor and acrylics. Then I show how to scan and photograph each, digitize, alter, and save all for their brush-inspired projects next week.

And It’s the only module we spend less time with pixels and more time with old fashioned paints and canvas.

We also learn how to repurpose other digital embellishments as brushes too, a nifty trick I’ve used for years! Let me show you what I mean:

First, you start with an embellishment nicely shadowed and positioned just so.


Then you apply some digital misting — Tiffany style, of course.


Next you add some text with a brush offset, add additional brushes (for filler) and continue to mist oh so eloquently.


And the final piece goes a little something like this:


The image by its self would look fabulous as a blog header, a title for a layout, shoot — even the front of a card!

But the entire image takes less than 2 – 3 minutes to create, you just have to know how! And if you DON’T know how but really want to, head on over and join me plus all the other students who are learning how to build dramatic digital brushwork RIGHT NOW!