Guess What? We Got Married!

So we up and did it! We jumped the broom. Tied the knot. Blazed the trails. Skinned the chicken. Ate the fish.

You get it!

CJ and I got married! And officially I am Mrs. Tiffany Emanuel. Though the Tillman may stick around (at least online) until my official name is recognizable.


I’m stoked! Excited. Happy. Geeked. And I have newlywed brain because I can’t seem to recall which day it is or where I’ve placed the most important things around the house. I swear I’ve lost my wallet somewhere in the house everyday last week and Chaddy’s coat is STILL missing. Who does that?

No matter. I’m blessed. Because my man — well he’s indescribable. I’ll try any way.

He’s a genuine, good-hearted person who would give you the shirt off his back if you were cold AND lift your spirits with a joke while you put his shirt own. He’s kind, strong, looks for the best out of life. He’s not afraid to cry. He likes animals, children, and he changes poopy diapers. He doesn’t play an instrument, but he absolutely loves his mom and family.

Actually, I quoted a bit of Groundhog Day but it still works.

He’s the kind of person you know you could spend the rest of your life with.

The kids truly adore him. You’d never know he’d missed a day of their live when you watch them with him.

And I love the heck out of him.


We originally planned our wedding day for May 4th of 2015. Because that’s Star Wars Day — may the 4th be with you — and it’s an important day for Star Wars geeks the world around. Including us! But we decided to jump the gun early but still plan our reception and honeymoon for May.

We opted to visit the JOP (justice of the peace) and the dude who married us was an extremely funny retired police officer who told jokes. When he read our vows though, his voiced changed from a deep and velvety bass to a soft and breathy sigh. I couldn’t keep a straight face because of it! So, CJ and I winked at each other and traded silly faces until it was time to say our “I Will’s”.

There were no flowers, no cake, no fluffy white doves or a limo. Just two people, sharing their love, and solidifying their commitment as life long partners.