Closing the Template Shop at Pixels & Company

Have you heard of the PC game: Civilization 5? Civilization has been one of my favorite series of games since I was an old teenager. (Before Civilization it was Populace — if you’ve been around that long and know what a rotary phone is).

I digress.

I’m a super-dork-geek for games that pair maps with town/kingdom/society management. So Civilization 5 and it’s predecessors have been my go-to games for almost two decades!

Because I live for uncharted maps!

The idea of moving my Scouts (or insert some special unit here) delights me. Finding new areas to settle (or avoid) or meeting a new civilization to trade resources, technology, or quite possibly war with entertains me. Because each new turn in the game requires a different kind of management or scenario that requires my full attention. Because it’s uncharted.

Life, to me, is just like that game.

Last year, I closed my template shop briefly and then returned shortly thereafter with the idea that I could manage both Scrapaneers and building templates on the regular.

That was my hope, my goal, my every intention.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

After a long period of soul-searching, monitoring how much time everything I do takes and what I would have to sacrifice to continue designing on a regular (like weekend time with  my kids), I knew it was time to close up the template shop at Pixels & Company.

P&C0. is filled with an amazing amount of talented designers and digital enthusiasts whom I’ve come to know as friends. And while I’ll miss them dearly, I know this is absolute best decision for me right now.

While I will move a few of my favorite sets over here and offer them through my own shop, I want to turn my talent in a new direction with a focus on Scrapaneers and helping others digital scrapbook better — using templates too!

So, will templates be involved in this “new direction” thing? Darn tooting! And I can elaborate more … when the time comes of course.

But like most aspects of life, and Civilization games, change happens. It’s up to us to listen to our heart, our desires, even our fears, and let each guide us to uncharted areas on our life map. These uncharted spaces of life is where we can invent (or reinvent) and adjust (readjust) our world.

And map a new horizon.