I Stripped Nude. Thankfully, I’m Dressed Again

Well hello. Welcome to the new, and hopefully improved, Simply Tiffany Studios!

My vision for updating the site started at least 6 months ago. I wanted to re-organize all of the articles, tutorials, interviews et al so you, my dear reader, could easily locate the digital solution best for you. Because you want what’s right for you — right? Of course.

So, I reached out to G of Lilac Creative, developer of the P&Co. site, Sweet Shoppe and many more around digi land, and asked her to lay her professional hands on my 10 year old baby. Because sometimes it takes a new teacher to discipline an old baby.

G stripped me, rather the site, naked. Rebranded my logo, helped me capture my inner simplicity, and reorganize all the ish I had laying around. The entire experience from start to finish has been fun, rather sensual, and now a relief. Because I’m finally clothed in attire that looks really good on me.

I’m no longer naked wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes.

And G was amazing!

That sounded kinky. But it wasn’t. Sadly.

Some of the changes you’ll find rather satisfying:

And, I believe, a cool aesthetic for website design.

With the new digs finished, I get to concentrate on what you enjoy watching more: kick-butt digital scrapbooking videos! I really miss the weekly video series and answering all of your tips too.

And that’s the haps folks. For those of you who’ve hung around as I watched my world turn upside and right again this year with my son, founding Scrapaneers, and refocusing my efforts here back home, thank you. I really appreciate all of your comments, emails, warmth and cheers from across the digi-sphere.

Many of you have shared that the commenting system just ain’t working yet. We’ll get that fixed (hopefully soon) and report back when it’s working. Thank you for just reading and if you want to connect, hit me up on Facebook!