How to Blend a Pattern Into a Background Using Brushes

What’s up homies! You know, I carry around a large bag of digital tricks. It’s the best kind of baggage to have because it doesn’t weight you down or wake you up in the middle. A digital trick bag only says, “Use me.” And why would you deny that request?

I digress.

One of the best tools in the digital trick bag is the Brush tool! Known for wiping away pixel messes (or creating them), the brushes and the Brush tool offers so much more than regular stamps and paints for paper crafters. Because we can infuse our brush strokes with the normal color or the abnormal text, gradient, pattern, photo, texture, lighting effect, filter, adjustment, or mask.

And I’ve probably forgotten a few others! That’s a ton of options, don’t you think?

Recently, I hung out with Lain Ehman of True Scrap and Layout a Day to spread the good gospel of brushes (what her paper peeps call digital stamps). They learned just how deep the Brush tool rabbit hole goes and today I want to share part of what they saw with you!

It’s the easiest Brush tool trick I know and it’s one of my favorites.

So in today’s Q & A Wednesday — on a Thursday video, you’ll learn:

  • How to blend a pattern into a background using brushes that works for any pattern.
  • How to quickly distress brushed text.
  • How I scrap without using photos.


What’d you think? Something you do  — something you tweak — or something you plan to do soon? Let me know your thoughts below.

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