A Class I’m Frothing at the Mouth to Take + Giveaway

I have a new class coming out today. But that’s not why I’m writing.

Call me a foodie, a food porn addict, a fatty (just tell me I look preggo) whatever you want I’ll answer to it! If and only if it relates to food. I have a love affair with good, wholesome, REAL, food. And I’ve collected recipes since I learned that such a thing was possible!

My first cook book was a collection of family recipes from my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. That was way back in the day — 1999. Prince was affectionately known as The Artist Formerly Known As and I created the precious momento on my work computer at Kinko’s.

It was full color, included section titles with dramatic fonts, and a ton of crazy clip art of food we did not cook! But what it lacked in design, it made up for with recipes I still enjoy today.

Sadly, I haven’t updated it! Plus I’ve been carrying around a 3-ring binder of typed, outdated, worn papers. My iPad recipe apps are loaded with some of my newest recipes but apps are discontinued occasionally while others have actually lost my recipes after I entered them! That’s so no bueno.

Needless to say, my system is broken. And I really want to re-organize my recipes in a way that works for me. Preferably I’d like a binder system with the ability to remove and replace recipes over time. And something I can feel proud of sharing with anyone who comes over.

Instead of this:



Isn’t that ridic?

So when my homie, Kelly Sill, told me she had an organizational recipe pocket-style class in mind for the digital and hybrid scrapbooker, I practically foamed at the mouth!


As the first tester, I have to say I love what she’s done ! And I uberlove the recipe pages I created using her organization system:



While my paper choices are white and neutral (what she’s named Mushroom), her HUGE pocket-style kit comes in 8 different colors: Avocado, Blueberry, Eggplant, Icebox (like a light gray), Mushroom (seen above), Pumpkin, Squash and Tomato. I chose one of the letter-sized formats instead of the 12×12.

Each of my recipe sections (think Soups, Meat, Sides) will be color coded using the matching papers she’s provided.

Keep It Together: Recipes

There are also over 250 recipe cards! More than enough to complete a book without looking for other filler pieces.

Kelly provided both letter and square sized templates. And badges, book spines, section inserts, charts and menu prompt pages for a complete and fully-customizable Recipe K.I.T. While the class includes her kit along with video instructions on how to use the kit, personalize your book and printing recommendations.




Since I have early access to her goodies (that sounds weird), I’m pacing myself. I want to include a photo with each recipe, which will take time because I’ll need to jump in the kitchen and cook said dish. I built a text file of all the recipes I need to make for photo ops:


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 2.35.32 PM

The cover will be a We R Memory Keepers Album; they’re my favorite. Probably in Aqua. The pages will be stored in top loading page protectors.

I’m also thinking of the future! Each of my layered PSDs are saved on the external so future changes will be a breeze. I plan to gift Carme or Chaddy with their own printed a versions too.

Can you tell how geeked out I am? Kelly took one of my most daunting tasks and turned it into something easy and do-able. Her organization style works for me! If you also have the recipe organization from Hades, I hope you’ll jump in this thing with me! Learn more about Keep It Together: Recipe Edition here.


Keep It Together: Recipe Edition Giveaway

I’m hosting a 24-hour giveaway for Kelly’s class! Tomorrow I’ll pick a winner. All you have to do to enter is share your favorite dish! Preferably, the one you know how to slam dunk in the kitchen. Because once class starts, I hope you’ll share it as a completed page so I can add to my own album!

And that’s it. One lucky winner. One dish shared below (don’t worry about the ingredients/directions). Just name that dish! And good luck. I’ll choose the winner tomorrow, Tuesday July 8 around 3:00 pm EST.

PS. If you’re chosen and you’ve already purchased the class at the 20% discount, you’ll receive a full refund.