3 Ways to Rebuild Digital Project Life Cards

I’m in love with Gene Wilder. Blazing Saddles. Willy Wonka. Young Frakenstein. That Gene Wilder.

My poor, innocent kids are often subjected to his quotes from movies recorded years ago. Of course, they have no idea who he is (even the Willy Wonka reference points them to Johnny Depp, which is not a bad thing at all).

But when I try to entertain them with “My name is Frakensteen!”, yes I’d like them to laugh. A lot. Because it’s HILARIOUS!

I need a better audience.

Now, I know you’re asking, “Tiff-dawg, what the hockey sticks does this have to do with rebuilding Project Life cards using a photo-editor?” Great question!

Whenever I want to re-build another digital embellishment (for personal use only), I act like I’m Dr. Frakenstein! I love to pull parts from pieces, mix them together digitally, and come up with some fresh, unique, and new-ish ish. I even insert my own muhahahahaha evil laugh. Because it entertains the kids and they think I work with sophisticated equipment and methods.

I am. It’s rocket science!

So in today’s Q & A Wednesday video, you’ll learn:

  • How the Magic Wand tool rebuilds and repurposes Project Life cards.
  • How to add personal touches to cards using Adjustment/Fill Layers.
  • How much I adore Peppermint Creative’s Life in Pictures project cards.
  • And why it’s technically Frakensteen and NOT Frakenstein. This is the most important take away.

Onwards to the video!

Layouts shown in the video can be found with credits here and here.

I bet most of you alter your embellishments and cards in some kind of way. What tools do you use? Do you Frakenstein pieces to better match your layouts? Recolor, alter the size, or take digital scissors and cut the heck out of pieces? What’s your method?