Project Life 2014 | May & My Ah-Ha Moments About Project Life

Yes! After geeking-out for the past Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I can honestly say I haven’t had this much fun scrapbooking in a long time! I just blew by 5 months of stories and photos I’ve wanted to share quickly, creatively and easily in a few days!

For some of the stories, mainly the ones about the kids, I’ll go deeper and build separate pages for their individual albums. Pages that different design-wise. But for our main family album, I simply love this process of combining multiple stories and photos on a single page to get the memory captured AND THE PAGE DONE!

That was the Ah-Ha moment for me.

I’ve never forced myself to capture more than one story or idea on a single page. I’m so use to a single event on a single page, like my page from February. Y’all witnessed how it didn’t work and I quickly returned back to multiple stories on a page.

I think I was initially worried. About how to choose papers and embellishments that would work for so many different types of photos. Worried about the photos and if only using 1 or 2 would “show” the story I wanted to “tell”. And worried that it certainly didn’t look like what I’ve done for so many years.

I was really worried for nothing.


  • I used different design tricks, like alternating between black and white or colors photos, to pair different embellishments and papers together.
  • The process required me to dig deep, simplify and find + use the best photo. Which, in return, required me to make a conscious effort to take less photos. And honestly, that’s not a bad thing either!
  • And while I will continue to use different page designs for the kids’ albums, I like not having to second-guess the design.

And there you have it folks! My six month long assessment of the Project Life process. A process I’ve tried to avoid ever since Becky Higgins introduced the idea to the scrap-o-sphere. Becky, you’ll always be my hero!

Here are my April – May pages.







My pages are pocket-style but they’re unique in that I use a layered frame over all of my pages. I prefer this style because I can play with the layering of my photos, journaling cards and embellishments. It adds an extra level of drama while coordinating the different photos and pieces together. And I call my pocket-style pages The Window System Templates.

The Window System is a full 34 templates with different pocket-style arrangements. Some have areas for very large, show off photo areas. While others are perfect for smaller photos and journaling details.

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