Project Life 2014 | April: The One Stop Shop Planner I Use for Project Life

Hello April! If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been geeking-out all this week about Project Life. Catch up with January, February and March posts too.

April was the month where I finally sought out the help of a tool to document and track. Basically, something that kept me from giving up on Project Life because I couldn’t possibly keep track of the moments I know I wanted included in our albums.

But y’all know me! A separate planner that required some type of commitment or system was completely out of the question. Because:

  • I can barely remember where I threw my bra the day before.
  • I’m a busy mom, business owner and creative. I already have enough planners and notebooks and iPhones and apps and doo-hickeys.
  • And if I were to use anything, it’d have to meet other needs. I like stuff that’s multi-talented.

Considering all the above, especially the part where I can’t remember where I hoisted my bras the day before, I thought I’d never find the PL Planner that worked for my busy life.

Luckily the answer was already in front of my face!



Earlier this year, I started using a Daily Action Planner by Savior Your Success (DAP) — a holy grail of paper planners that focuses on daily and weekly actions you can take to empower … well you. It’s a small notebook; fits right into my purse, and it includes a Monthly Calendar, Weekly Pilot Plan & Daily Action Planner. These tools combined help me plan out and drill down not only my activities for each week, but also keep track of the kids, CJs appointments, our dates, plus when, what, and with who we do that voodoo that we do.


And I love this planner!

The pages are designed elegantly and simply, but it’s still robust enough to include areas for brain dumping, delegating, prioritizing, and focusing-in on specific actions I need to get done.

So, how does this book specifically help me document my Project Life musings? Well on any given day, I “may” have something I want in our PL album. But honestly, I never know what will make my monthly pages. Not until I build the page. So I scribble my thoughts down in the DAP when I need to.

Special event to remember? No problem! It’s already scheduled on the DAP. Jot a few notes about what happened at the event. And bam, PL entry documented!

There are also prompts to add my thoughts like:

  • Today, I’m Grateful For …
  • and Moments to Savor

Which I use every single day. They’re built right into the Planner, see:


The DAP wasn’t created to be a Project Life Planner. But it’s perfect for my needs, whether I choose to document daily, weekly or monthly happenings. I feel comfortable knowing I can complete pages a few weeks or months later because my thoughts were written down. And it seamlessly works with the system I use to keep track of … my life. That’s why it’s a Project Life Planner if I’ve ever did meet one before!

So here are my April pages:




My homies Traci Reed and Laura … also have Project Life planners. If the DAP isn’t the right system for you, perhaps one of theirs will be!

There’s also great Planner recommendations over at The Pocket Source.

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