Project Life 2014 | March: So That One Event Thing Didn’t Work; Back to OCD Details

Time for another edition of Project Life 2014 catch up. So after completing the January and February pages, I returned to mixing fleeting moments with the bigger events too.

While the single event on a page worked for those photos, I realize I can’t work quickly and most through the stories if I stick to a single event on a single page. That’s the way I’ve approached pages in the past. But I realize, this process requires letting go of the old way!

My favorite photo is of CJ pulling his pants up to look like Urkel and then walking around the neighborhood so EVERYONE could view his audaciousness. Who does stuff like this?

Probably the biggest moment was when Lita — after 10 long years of avoiding the subject — finally agreed to have her ears pierced. And she attended her first (group) school party. She’s got angst, she’s got moods. She seeks specific results using lady-like emotions. That’s just a fancy way of saying she’ll bat her eyes, tear-up or pout to get someone to do something for her. It never works for me or CJ. But she can’t help but try!

And I’m thinking: when did my baby grow up? And is this how “I” acted when I was a tween?

She could star in her own drama AND win the Tony award. But I digress.

On a design tip, I started adding more layered embellishments and circle cut outs to break some of the rules. What can I say; I’m a rule breaker!





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