Project Life 2014 | January & Why Scrapbooking is Like Golfing

Today, I want to share some of my 2014 Project Life pages! What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Oh yes, I haven’t shared one a Project Life page since last December! Matter of fact, I don’t even think I shared my final page for the year. My birthday page. I actually did finish this about four months ago.



Look. There’s something I know about me and my scrapbooks. I’ll never be caught up.

Because scrapbooking isn’t just about documenting my memories and telling our story — the special way I can. It’s about the fun of it. The smell of it. The gratification I feel just doing it.

See starting a page is probably like starting another round of golf. Now I don’t play golf but I imagine golfers don’t think of tee-offs as catching up on the golf game.

No. They just pick up the irons, play and enjoy regardless of when they last played and where they left off the last time.

Scrapbooking is EXACTLY like that!

I play scrapbooking. The game. This page. My photos. Our stories. I play because I love it! And I don’t give one rat’s patootie how long ago the moment/event happened. I just make sure I take really good notes (more on that soon).


Lately, the story that’s been on my mind is those little mundane moments I never want to forget. Those are perfect for my Project Life monthly pages. So I’ve been scrapbooking big time! And whoa nelly! Am I having fun swinging them wrenches.

Here are my pages from January 2014.





Psst. Check out a video tutorial on How I Hid the Clutter From the Focal Photo here. (pictured above)




I’ll share the remaining pages of this month all week long. But I gotta tell you how good it feels to forget about the kid’s individual books, the vacation albums, and class projects and concentrate on those everyday, mundane details and stories that have been locked away in my notebooks. You know what I mean?

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