How to Shadow Acrylics Using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements

Shadowing acrylics, washi tape, vellum and other transparent doodads is tough. If no one has shown you HOW to do it — how to do it the RIGHT way — then I’ll wager you’re not doing it the way you ought to.

And come on, everyone wants to do it the right way! Eh, eh? Imagine one of those cheesy grins on my face …

So how do you do that shadowing acrylic voodoo you ought to do so well? Without trying to sound like Dr. Seuss, I’mma show you! In today’s Q&A Wednesday video!

One thing before we begin. If you’re not already creating amazing shadows, watch this first!

What You’ll Learn In This Video

  • How to create a dedicated shadowing layer.
  • Why dual shadowing layers is simply a must-do technique.
  • And how to rock the technique for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users!
  • Oh! Grab this handy step-by-step Acrylic Shadowing handout that walks you through too. This handout uses the CMD-click method but you can use the Magic Wand tool as well.

Onward to the video!

Well? What’d ya think? Let me know in the comments if this technique is butta for you and if you try it out, link us to your page. I’d love to see how you rock it!

And if you’re looking for fabulous acrylics to add to your digi-stash: