Project Life 2014 | A Few Thoughts From a Beginner

Hey there! What wonderful responses and ideas y’all shared about starting Project Life. Thank you. I completed my third layout (week 52) and I’ll be honest. I’m finding real value in what I’ve crafted thus far.

Project Life 2013 | Week 52 by Simply Tiffany Studios

We were visited by my Mom and my ole’ friend Chauncey during the holidays. They both wanted to spend lots of time with Chaddy, which I’m not complaining about. But he’s two. He picks his nose and poops a lot in a pamper. What’s cute about that? I’m kidding! I also learned that Lita can wear my shoes and vice versa. And I cooked the best pot roast in my dutch oven to date. Did I ever mention that I cook EVERYTHING from scratch? I’m a foodie! Care for the recipe?

 Yan brought up an interesting point in the last post:

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.51.15 PM

That’s a REALLY excellent point; one I’ve struggled with myself. I’m the total opposite of cookie cutter in design! Love the fresh — the new — the not so simple — and every technique. We’re twins, Yan!

But I’m also thinking how I can “flip the design script” of the pocket pages so they’re organized and storyboard-ish with a twist. Something that satisfies my inner style. Will report back after sketching a few ideas that’s been traveling in the endless neurons of my cerebellum.

Here’s what I’ve learned about PL thus far …

Start Whenever

New Year’s resolutions aside, if you’re thinking you must start on Jan 1, forgetaboutit! Start on Jan 2 or Mar 3 or Nov 78. I always felt I needed to start at the beginning of the year. But honestly, you can start recording your memories any way you see fit at any time. There is no golden hour or perfect start! If you’re going to start, begin with a plan. Get organized. And enjoy your crafting time.

Scrapbooking is a “no stress” zone.

Getting the Pictures

Remember when I shared that I was retiring Big Daddy SLR for the Smartphone? Well I still take a lot of my photos on my iPhone 4S (which I hope to upgrade soon). But I’ve also dusted off Big Daddy and started shooting more photos with the DSLR again.

One thing I’ve noticed when capturing photos via my iPhone 4s is that the rear-facing camera takes far better (read higher megapixels) than the front-facing camera. I didn’t know that! Did you? I feel so out of the loop with technology and also very sad that some of my favorite photos aren’t print-quality. You cut me deep, Shrek.

So huge suggestion here, know your phone — or the device you use to capture photos especially if you’re using a Smartphone.

Making the Scrap Process Quick & Easy

Whether we’re project-lifing or creating everyday and or event-styled layouts, using a template system is a great boon to finishing quick pages. I’m using my Window System templates because a framed pocket-style matches my “frills & fuss” style. But my homey, Traci Reed, and I were talking today and we agreed that digital design is changing. Peeps are opting for simpler pages with less frills and fuss while relying on high-quality text art. I feel like I’m seeing that trend too.

I’ve also opted for a single-page format over a double-page spread. Never been much of a double-pager any way. But I enjoy that I can fit a lot of unrelated photos on a single page and walk away feeling like I’ve moved the Andes or something.

No Pressure

One caveat I had was that I thought I had to capture something from everyday and/or from every week of our lives. But some days and even some weeks are impressively boring and un-noteworthy. Why would I want to accentuate the most minute details — I don’t! But after completing my pages for this month, I learned that I could jump from event to event. So if I missed a week, accidentally or purposely, there was no guilt to be had.

That’s what I’ve learned — gleaned — so far. What suggestions would you give to a PL newbie?

And now that I have a bit o’ experience, I’m ready to tackle my 2014 Plan! Happy New Year peeps!

PS. Today’s my birthday. I’m 34 years old! 😉