Project Life 2014 | Dipping My Pinky Toe

Sigh. I caved. For years I avoided Project Life because I felt it wouldn’t fit my scrapbooking style. Even after crafting the Window System for my vacation photos earlier this year, I was still on the fence. And then the truth dawned on me: what would I, and my kids, appreciate in the future? My style or our thoughts? This art or my messages? Obviously, we care about our thoughts and the messages!

And when I look back at my childhood photos do I balk at the stiff polaroids with faded colors? Or do I cherish each and every single one? Sugar, I love every single one — even  the ones without dates! No, they’re not digital, professional, or composed correctly. But they highlight my favorite memories and capture my family. Thus, I had my answer!

The truth is that some of our best stories are simply slipping away. When my kids were younger and less active, I had plenty of time to devote to my hobby. Now we have Art school, Ecology clubs, meditations at the Buddhist center, Improv classes, 1.5+ hours of homework, chores to finish, family to visit, stories to read, home cooked meals to enjoy, outings to enjoy, and life to pursue. And while I’ll still scrapbook for pleasure with designs that are all my own, I want to concentrate on logging the memory. Period.

So, I’m dipping my pinky toe into the pool of Project Life scrapbooking. With a few extra requirements to keep me in my happy place:

  • No pressure and no guilt! I’ve witnessed the remorse fellow scrappers have felt when they’ve missed a week of documenting. I don’t want my scrapbooking to ever feel like a requirement. So, I’ll only document days worth noting. I might skip some weeks and that’s cool as cold too.
  • All digital. That’s non-negotiable. The thought of storing product or crafting without CTRL-Z makes me shiver in my timbers!

With those two mandatory requirements in mind, I practiced by building three pages related to our December and Christmas. And I really enjoyed myself:


We usually decorate our tree at the beginning of the month but I dragged my feet this year. Turned out for the best because Papa (my father) gave us his tree, which meant all new ornaments for us. Because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you get a new tree? I thought so!


Lita celebrated her 10th birthday with her a spa-themed slumber party. Our home was infested with 5 other ten year old girls who were certainly filled with more than just sugar and spice. They were all dears by the end but there was some rough moments in-between. Specifically when one such charming angel ran through our back door and tore if off the hinges. She was perfectly OK, but it was an urmagesh moment.


Christmas morning was pretty normal. We unwrapped the presents, had cherry cheesecake for breakfast, and spent most of our time playing with Chaddy’s new train set. And for the first year ever, I didn’t cook a Christmas dinner, or rather I cooked it the night before. More time spent playing with my youngins equals the best Christmas present ever!

So, hog-tie the hogs y’all! I actually scrapbooked a recent set of events and moments. This is the satisfaction I was aiming for! And it was easy. My next goal is to create a solid plan using my two mandatory guidelines above and fabricate a 2014 cover. In the meantime, I created some 2014 Calendar Cards that I’ll use shortly for January.

Calendar Template Journal Cards | 2014

How about you? Are you a Project Lifer, pocket-scrapbooker, or perhaps you’re thinking about dipping your pinky toe too? What’s your approach for the upcoming year?

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