The Photocentric Scrapper | A Scrapper’s Style Interview with Cathy Pascual

Hello, Cathy, and welcome to Simply Tiffany Studios! As a big fan of your work, I’m so excited to have a little “sit down” chat with you.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you began digital scrapbooking?

Hello! I am so honored to be interviewed! I am a mom of two lovely girls and wife to an indie video game developer. Recently, I became a creative business owner of Catshy Crafts, an online shop. It is truly my baby. I design and create everything for the shop, from business cards to my hand-embroidered pieces to my website.

I’ve been a digital scrapbooker since 2006. I absolutely believe that my love of digital scrapbooking helped me hone my design sense and paved the way for my creative business.


Why is digital scrapbooking your choice for memory keeping?

Digital scrapbooking just makes sense for me. Although I still hoard paper and crafting supplies, digital scrapbooking allows me to sit down and scrapbook without all the mess. And something just clicks (no pun intended!) for me when I’m in front of the computer.

Do you have a certain technique or steps that you apply to your pages every single time?

I always put the photos at center stage. The photo inspires my theme, my color choices, my elements and of course my journaling. I begin with the photo and build the page around it.

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How long does it take for you to complete a page, on average?

On average about one to two hours.

What three words would you use to characterize your current style?

Photocentric, simple and sweet.

Do you feel like your style has evolved over time?

My style has definitely evolved over time, but certain things have stayed the same.

My earlier layouts were very linear and grid-like. As a paper scrapper for years before I started digital scrapbooking, I approached my digi pages as I would a paper layout. I’d start with the photo, then choose papers and elements and journal as a final step.


Eventually, I picked up some Photoshop techniques that helped my style evolve. Learning clipping masks was a big moment! LOL! Now, I definitely do more layering and shadowing than when I first started out. I love making my pages pop with dimensional elements.

Now that you’ve shared one of your older pages, would you like to share your all-time favorite page?

I love this layout because of the photo, the vintage feel, the simple theme. I think this is classic example of my style. It’s sweet, simple and graphic with the photo at center-stage.


I can see why it is your favorite.  That photo is too cute and the page has such a happy feel to it.

Do you ever attempt to step outside of your style comfort zone and try something new?

I love my comfort zone! And it works for me. But, I may try out a new technique from time to time or participate in a challenge with specific rules.

What types of digital kits and designers are you drawn to as a result of your style?

I think that because I started as a paper scrapper, I love photo-realistic elements that have dimension and a great color story. I’m also drawn to vintage elements like bingo cards or other paper ephemera and crafty-inspired elements like sewing notions (such as Sahlin Studio or Kitschy Digitals). At the same time, I love graphic elements featuring beautiful fonts (like Paislee Press). I’m also a sucker for whimsical, sweet kits like Creashens.

Who inspires you as a page designer?

I love the thoughtful and beautiful design of Linda Roos. She has beautiful photos and a clean design to her layouts that are very appealing to me. I also love the hybrid pages of Shanna Noel – so talented!


To whom or where do you look for inspiration outside of scrapbooking?

I love Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration as well as a long list of design, mommy and crafting blogs.

What tips can you share with a scrapbooker who wants to design pages similar to your own?

This may be an unconventional tip, but for me, I think photography is such an important part of digital scrapbooking. If you are capturing a beautiful image and using that as the inspiration for your page, your page will be compelling from the get-go! So my tip would be to try to take the best photos you can. Take a class or learn online about composition. I promise you will love your pages even more!

I couldn’t agree more! I was so much happier with my pages when I began working on the quality of my photos.

Thank you so much for joining, us today, Cathy! It was fun learning more about your style and process.

You can see more of Cathy’s work in her online gallery and her blog. She also has an online shop full of beautiful handmade items.