All Stars Workshop | Extractions + Patterns + More

Psst! Have you seen the All Star Digital Scrapbooking Techniques for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements workshops? If you haven’t, where have you been? Lemme tell you the haps …

All Star Digital Scrapbooking Techniques by Scrapaneers

I teamed up with six other fabulous digi-scrapping instructors to produce one heck of a self-paced “digital class collab”. One of the first of it’s kind — I believe. Either way, we were asked to highlight one of our favorite digital-scrapbooking techniques. Something that really helps our pages/process stand apart. And something we haven’t shared before.

My lesson topic is all about extraction — now I’ve taught some of process before in an older Blending class. However, I think we digital peeps tend to choose photos with perfect, extractable subjects. Basically, the subject is in the foreground and the background completely contrasts with the subject allowing a super-simple extraction. I wanted to dig a bit deeper and share how I perform a harder extraction and make use of a background that’s kind of lack luster. And if you enjoy my teaching style and how I attack my projects, you will find it very beneficial.

Want to learn more about the workshop? Visit the Photoshop All Stars or the Photoshop Elements All Stars pages. The entire workshop is 25% OFF all week!