Scrapaneers | My New Home for Classes

If you would have told me earlier this year that my workshops would have a new home by mid-year, I would have called you a liar, hitched my skirt up, and ran away! But in the end, you’d have been right!

Scrapaneers is my new home for all of my digital scrapbooking classes. And joining me are Karla DudleyTraci ReedAmanda Taylor and a league of other phenomenal women who have decades of experience scrapbooking and a passion for helping others build their best digi-projects, pages, and products! The list of residents and guests is amazing and our upcoming classes equally inspire.

You might ask why I would take the time to develop an online learning space for digital scrapbookers when many already exist. And that’d be a fair question — one I often asked myself during development. One reason springs forth. During the course of my divorce, which I don’t discuss often, I found myself wanting — needing — to visit my favorite form of artistic expression — digital scrapbooking — and pour my broken heart on my digital pages. I also searched for classes, workshops, topics, anything that would help pull me through the hardest period of my life that also catered to digital scrapbookers like me. I didn’t find one. And I knew then that eventually I would want to offer such a class, once my heart healed and I was in a better place emotionally. Perhaps you might identify with how I felt?

I’ve arrived — I’m in a much better place in heart and body. And just a few short months ago I knew it was time to build a place for such a workshop.

Scrapaneers will be a home for those who desire to improve their technical skills in many areas. But we also offer workshops specifically for digital scrapbookers who desire nourishment for their soul. And a portion of sales from my reflective classes will benefit non-profit organizations and outreach for women and families in “tough” circumstances.

Consider this your invitation to check out the site in its infancy and meet my fellow instructors. Sign up for the All Access Pass so you’ll have private entrance to upcoming classes and pre-registration discounts. And visit us again during our Grand Opening week beginning August 5, 2013. We’ll host product and class giveaways as well as unveil new classes. And if there’s a specific workshop you’d like to see in our listing — let me know in the comments below. One lucky commenter might just win an enrollment to a class of her choice!