Scrapping for the Fun of It | A Scrapper’s Style Interview with Marjoleiene, aka Misses M

Hello, Marjoleine, and welcome to Simply Tiffany Studios! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a digital scrapper?

Hi! My name is Marjoleine Hest (misses M in digi-land), and I’m from the Netherlands. I will be 40 years old this June (*gasp*). My guy and I have two girls. My oldest, Eveline, is 13-years-old and my youngest, Mara, is 3-years-old.

I have been scrapping for a year now. I still can’t believe how fast everything has gone. When I started, I posted my layouts on a blog and there I met Maaike from Find Your Bliss Designs (also a Dutchie but I didn’t know that at first). She convinced me to post in galleries and store galleries. I was very insecure at that time and told her she was nuts, but I still did it anyway, and I have never looked back. I’m still grateful for her trust in me and for her “pushing” to post in galleries. She’s one awesome girl!

Wow! I can’t believe you have only been scrapping for a year! Your work looks that that of a seasoned pro!

Do you feel like your style has changed since you began a year ago?

I think it has, yes. My shadows are different now; I thought cluster pages were too hard for me to do in the beginning, and I even started trying my hand at mixed media/art journaling now. So yes, I have evolved this past year.

This the very first layout I ever made:

my very first layout ever made!

What three words would you use to characterize your current style?

  1. Messy. My mixed media pages are messy. I love to play with paint and stamps. I think I’m becoming a paint/stamps addict!
  2. Cluster Scrapper. I think that one defines itself, LOL! Most of my pages are cluster pages. I love to layer all the elements and build a cluster.
  3. Layers. My clusters usually have a lot of layers. Sometimes I have to stop myself from adding more because I could go on for hours to add more layers and build a cluster.

lots of blending

With all the detail and layers you add to your pages, how long does it take you to complete one, on average?

I’m a slow scrapper; although I’m getting faster. It used to take me three to four hours to make a page, but it also depends on what layout I’m making. If I cluster a lot it can still take me three hours but if I make an art journal/mixed media page it goes faster.

Do you have a unique calling card or a certain steps that you take to build your pages?

Oh wow, that’s a tough one because I really don’t know. Sometimes I scrap the page first and decide on the photo later, and other times I start with the photo and let that guide me to creating the layout. I would say I usually start with the background paper but even that changes lots of times, LOL!

Also, I’m a template scrapper. So I guess my one step I usually always do is choosing a template. I love templates, they make life easy. Once in a while I try to scrap without a template but that’s always hard for me; although the mixed media pages are made without templates.


You have a very unique style that uses blending modes so well. What are your favorite techniques to use on your layouts?

I don’t really have a favorite technique. I like to play with the blending modes and see what looks best. I also use the layer mask a lot to mask the colors off a certain area and blend another paper over it to give it a different look. It’s just trial and error I guess.

Do you ever attempt to step outside of your style comfort zone?

Definitely! I love stepping out of my comfort zone! I recently started trying to do art journal/mixed media pages and I love it! I never thought I could do those because it was so not my style. But I love to do it and I think they don’t look so bad, haha!

I also find it difficult to do clean and simple/white space layouts, and I always admire those who can pull that off. I still try them once and a while because I love to look at other scrappers’ white space layouts and get inspired by them.

my first mixed media-art journal layout

What types of digital kits are you drawn to as a result of your style?

I absolutely LOVE kits with bright and happy colors. I’m always drawn to those. And kits with lots of flowers, leaves and bows, cluster kits, I call them. They truly make me happy!

Do you have a favorite designer?

I don’t really have a “go-to” designer. I love lots of different styles by different designers. I even discover new to me designers sometimes. Or because my change of style, I now like designers who I at first didn’t like because they didn’t match my style back then.

You say you love using bright and happy colors on your layouts, and you really make them work beautifully. Do you have a favorite color combination?

I love colors, especially bright, sunshiny colors. They make me totally happy. My favorite color is PINK! Although I can live with non-pink kits too, LOL!

How do you make all those colors work so beautifully with your layouts?

I have no idea how I make all those colors work. I just start and see where things go. Sometimes I try a different paper than I started with or change a few elements. I even recolor elements if they don’t fit my page or I want them in a particular color. I just love to play and let the colors lead the way.

simple things

Who inspires you as a page designer?

Another hard question! I don’t have a favorite page designer. There are so many awesome scrappers whose pages I like for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it’s shadows; other times it’s a white space layout or a mixed media layout, and sometimes it’s just the colors that inspire me. The scrapper’s world is filled with lots of fabulous artists.

What tips can you share with a scrapbooker who loves your style and would like to create pages similar to your own?

Since I almost always use templates, start with those. But I think it’s important to develop your own style. Add or remove elements from the template if you like. Twist them. Do what makes you happy and what feels right for you. Scrapping is something that you do for yourself, not to please the rest of digi-land. If they like your layout that’s awesome; if they don’t, too bad for them. We can’t all have the same taste. As long as you love your own pages it’s all good. And most important, scrapping should be fun and not a job that has to be done.

That is such great advice because I think it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others and not feel up to snuff sometimes.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Marjoleine! It has been so much fun to get to know you and see your beautiful work!

You can see more of Marjoleine’s work in her gallery and on Scrap Stacks. She is also on Facebook and Pinterest.