How to Expertly Build Digital Scrapbooking Flair | Epoxy | Bubble

Well hi there! Time for another Q&A Wednesday and today’s Q&A is the second part in the DIY DigiCrafting Techniques series! Two of my monthly Q&As will specifically show you how to build your digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments! And true to Q&A, they’ll still be based on questions y’all have submitted!

So honey, if there’s something you’re itching to know … ask me!

In today’s video lesson you’ll learn:

  • The advanced process I use to build digital flair.
  • The perfect base preset for building a basic digital epoxy.
  • And the exact settings for perfect, plastic-looking, pinnable flairs!

You’ll also hear me sing! And THAT’S the best reason why you should really watch this lesson.

A few Q&A’s back, some of the viewers asked for written instructions with exact steps shared in the video. I’m happy to announce that this week’s tutorial features:

  • a 6 page, colorful handout with settings and screenshots PLUS
  • the sourcefile I use in the video!

You can grab both for just $1!

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Let’s have it!

How to Expertly Build Your Own Digital Scrapbooking Flair from Tiffany Tillman on Vimeo.

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