How to Expertly Build Digital Scrapbooking Cardstock

Hello there in a hand basket! I reckon it’s time for another Q&A Wednesday and today’s Q&A is super special. Today’s feature begins a new series I’d like to call: DIY DigiCrafting Techniques. Twice a month, two of my Q&As will specifically show you how to build your digital scrapbooking papers/embellishments! And true to Q&A, they’ll still be based on questions y’all have submitted!

So partner, if there’s something you’re aching to know … ask me!

Today’s question was submitted by Michelle. She wanted to learn the steps I use to build authentic, textured, or creased digital scrapbooking cardstock. So in today’s video lesson you’ll learn:

  • The perfect three-part color, texture, and blending choices for the cardstock-creating process.
  • Why some textures dull digital papers unnecessarily.
  • And which blending mode stands above all others for cardstock creations.

You’ll also hear me sing! And THAT’S the best reason why you should really watch this lesson.

Want to recreate the steps I share in the video? You’ll want to download my paper texture below! Now, let’s have at it, shall we?

How to Expertly Build Your Own Digital Scrapbooking Cardstock from Tiffany Tillman on Vimeo.

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