How to Build a Cluster Using Radial Balance

Howdy fellow digital scrapbookers! After my many rants about how I uber-sucked at embellishing, it’s time I share some of the embellishing tricks I used on the path away from uber-sucking. And lo and behold, Simply Tiffany reader Paulette asked the perfect question to get us started!

 Today’s Q&A Wednesday is for anyone who wants a fool-proof process for building embellishment clusters. You’ll learn:

  • How radial shapes help us build a single cluster using a variety of elements.
  • Where to start when building embellishment clusters.
  • Why, in the end, my clusters lack definitive shape.

This week’s video uses embellishments from the Dream Big kit & template set. And here we go …

How to Build a Cluster Using Radial Balance from Tiffany Tillman on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Q&A video. Until next time …