How to Adapt a Template for Easy Embellishing

My fellow template scrappers will delight in today’s fun tip. It’s a little diddy I’ve been using for years. And I believe many other tenured template focused crafters should do the same … if they’re not already doing it!

*I wrote “doing it”*

Today’s Q&A Wednesday features one of my all time, favorite tricks and it’s for Adobe Photoshop users. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing it through screenshots but never through video. Now is that time.

In today’s video Q & A, I share my simple trick for adapting a template for easy embellishing! You’ll also learn:

  • Why positioning is more important than clustering.
  • Why some templates don’t always suggest where to place your embellishments.
  • Why two templates are always better than one.

Let’s take a peek.

How to Adapt a Template for Easy Embellishing from Tiffany Tillman on Vimeo.

So, now that you’ve learned one of my easy template adaptation tricks, share yours!