How to Draft Engaging Journaling

Hello darlings! Today’s Q & A Wednesday ventures off the beaten path of digital scrapbook techniques and into new territory. Specifically, writing and journaling.

Q & A Wednesday for Today

Journaling has always been my thing. When Creating Keepsakes Magazine announced their Hall of Fame for 2005, my name was on the list because of my writing style. Pulitzer Prize worthy? I don’t think so. Grammatically correct? Heck no! Emotional, inspiring, and relatable? Yes!

In today’s video Q&A, I’m going to share how this non-english major, can’t-tell-you-what-a-linking-verb-is chick pulls you into a page through words! You’ll also learn …

  • Three super-secret methods for writing engaging journaling.
  • The two people you must impress with your words.
  • Why you should write like you’re wearing cozy slippers instead of high-heal shoes.
  • And understand what plot has to do with scrapbooking!

Onward to the show …

Did the journaling points I share help you today? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. And if you know a scrapbooker who could benefit from their use, share this video with them too. You gals know, I’m a firm believer that all deserve to build kickbutt scrapbook pages. And journaling is no exception!