What are the Differences between PS & PSE for Digital Scrapbookers

Howdy gals! I’m really super-excited and stoked because I’ve got some scraptacular news to share with all of you today! Today marks the beginning of something I KNOW will help digital scrappers everywhere craft kick butt pages. I want us all to be digiscrappy ninjas! Because ninjas kick butt and scrappy ninjas … we kick crafting ass. There I said wrote it!

Without further reading delay, I introduce you to …

Q & A Wednesdays — a new weekly VIDEO feature here at Simply Tiffany Studios that answers your digital scrapbooking questions.

On so many occasions, I’ve received questions from students outside of class, or from peeps here on the blog, or somewhere on the web that beg for an answer via demonstration.

Now, I don’t mind answering questions via email but with video, I feel like we’re sitting next to each other at a coffee shop with laptop on table discussing all that is digital. We’re giggling, we’re nervous about spilling coffee, and we’re just cutting it up all while discovering the latest and greatest techniques.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick MY brain on how or why I do digital this, pixel that, or scrapbook who-ha, you’re going to love this weekly series! And it starts today!

Q & A Wednesday for Today

In this week’s fabulous vid, you’ll learn my top three answers for this question: What are the major differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements relevant to digital scrapbookers.

This is probably the question I’m asked more than any other. If you want to “see” my top three major differences and understand why I chose them, here you go:

Now my top three might not be yours! So what I’d really love is your input on what you’re using!

Take a moment and share if you like the software you’re using, are you looking to upgrade soon, and if not — why. Leave a comment because your answer adds to all of our experiences and might help a fellow digi scrapper decide to get PS or PSE too.