Capturing the Single Moment | A Scrapper’s Style Interview with ViVre

Hi ViVre! Welcome to Simply Tiffany Studios. Tell us about you and your digi-scrapping craft.

On the internet, I’m known as ViVre (with two capitals). Vi are the first letters of my first name and Vre are the first letters of my last name. I live in the Netherlands and speak Dutch but in French “vivre” means “to live.” I like to play with words and their meanings.

I purchased my first personal computer in the early 1990’s. When Adobe released Photoshop 5, one of my brother-in-laws installed it for me. That’s when I started playing and creating photo collages.  Right from the start I added words, poems, lyrics, and proverbs to my collages. I love the back and forth between words and photos, and photos and words. I think the interplay adds depth to both.

I discovered digital scrapbooking sometime in 2009.  I looked at digital galleries, downloaded freebies, and started experimenting. Since discovering digital scrapbooking, I hardly ever read a book, see a movie, or watch television anymore!

All AnnaAspnes | ArtPlay Palette Epic • 12×12 StitchedOverlays no 2
TapedStripy 1 • DescriptiveWordTransfers • MultiMediaFlowers 1 • KrissKrossStitchedOverlays 1 • ArtPlay EnglishRose (skyline) • ArtPlay Palette EasterChicks (scribles) • WarpingFrames 2 • WarmGlows 1 • WarmGlows 2 • WordBlendzFamily 1 • 10Things2Heart

Absolutely love the word play ViVre! Tell us about your style. How would you classify it?

White space, thoughtful, and a bit artsy, are the words that probably best characterize my current style.

I’m not, like most scrappers, a memory-keeper. My pages are my way of exploring the essence of life and, of course, my life in particular.  Every layout represents the capture of a single moment, and that moment exists as a small piece of a larger life.

I use the white space of my pages to draw these two ideas together. The white space is the space where I can breathe and dream. It is the space where life keeps its secrets. I did not start out with an artsy style, but I heart the results of this type of scrapping. I cannot fully explain why I love this way of scrapping, it is just something inside me.

All Anna Aspnes | ArtPlayPalette Blossom • ArtPlayPalette Blossom Brushset • FotoWallets 1 • Scriptease FotoBlendz 2• StitchedLoopsWhite 1 • TNT FlutterByTemplates 4

Goodness, that’s beautiful. Your scrapbooking is an extension of your art. Has your style evolved over time?

That’s a difficult question! When it comes to new techniques, I’m eager to learn. I love lifting layouts and techniques that appeal to me. I’m an auto-didactic and you can’t learn by staying in your comfort zone. On the other hand, I stay true to myself. At the start of 2012 I made a layout with the quote “I’m the promise I intend to keep.” That statement is still true. If a layout doesn’t fit with who I am, then I put it aside. I will finish it when I find the link to me that is missing.

Template Taylor Made and Feistuf Painted On • AnnaAspnes ArtPlayPalette Fotographie + SaffronVilla + Seafoam
Awall Gratefulmoment

Which designers serve as your “go-to” resources because their products work with your style?

I love Erica Zwart, Page.One, Maya de Groot and Jopke Designs (all Dutch Designers) for their art-style and SueCummings for her WordArt.  Since Anna Aspnes came to Oscraps she is my real “go-to” designer. I’m a big fan of her style and products. They make me feel like I’m an artist! In March of this year Anna asked me to join her creative team. I said, “yes!” I knew from the start that her products would give me joy – they have wonderful beauty in and of themselves.

Before we wrap up, care to share a few tips with those who want to design pages similar to your own?

I have two tips and they may seem to contradict each other:

First, look for and try challenges. Challenges tear you out of your comfort zone.

Second, wait until your inner voice says “yes” before you call your layout finished, no matter how long it takes.

Here here! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pages with us ViVre. On behalf of the digital community, I thank you!

You can see more of ViVre’s gorgeous work at her Oscraps gallery.

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