Current Trends with Masterful Scrapbook Design

The September issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design highlighted loads of current trends in scrapbooking. And I had the chance to play along with some new layouts. As a side note …

One thing I realize about my craft  is that I don’t keep up with the trends. I “notice” when digital kits begin to feature similar patterns, like the Chevron trend, or embellishments, like the owl trend. But I very rarely jump on what’s trendy – I actually had to force myself to use what was hot because I’m so comfortable staying in my “design” comfort zone.

So, I busted a gut laughing when I read my invitation to create for the “On Trend” issue because …

I ain’t trendy.

Matter of fact, I’m anti-trendy. And that spills-in to other areas of my life too. What the hell is 50 Shades of Grey? Are the Hunger Games about being hungry? Is Twilight about monsters, werewolves, dracu-bats or all of the above?

What the hell’s a Glee? Why are some so friggin’ Lost? And is X-Factor a replacement for American Idol or the other way around?

I’m serious! I have never seen any of these programs/shows and probably never will.

See, I REALLY ain’t trendy … at all. And I’m cool with that.

However, if Trends IS your thing, digitally-fly over to MSD and subscribe to the September issue. There are good things within and it’s only available singularly until October 4, 2012. Also check out the Get it Scrapped Pinterest boards. Debbie’s gathered a fabulous collection of inspiring images from color to techniques.