DSLR vs. Smartphone Camera | What’s a Scrapbooker to Do?

DSLR vs. Smartphone Camera for Digital Scrapbookers

Somewhere in ole’ two thousand and ‘leven, my right hand fell off. That is to say, “In 2011, my Canon 30D DSLR broke.” It actually still works but displays an ERR99 code after a random number of shots. It was a terrible, sad day.

Soon after, my 2nd generation iPod bit the dust. And I found myself at the crossroads of a decision. Replace the DSLR + iPod or invest in one of those swanky, digitally-inclined devices called a smartphone. The smartphone, an iPhone 4S to be exact, became my new right hand. It also came equipped with a right eye and a femur – but I don’t show them off. Much.

Needless to say, I capture tons of memories now. I don’t have to drag out ‘ole chunky-butt (the DSLR), match the perfect lens, and futz with the manual settings. My phone/camera is readily available. But the caveat for the random, single photos: I’m not scrapbooking as much.

For me, scrapbooking was and will be about the story. But now I can publish a photo plus or minus story with a few keystrokes to Facebook, Instagram or the millions of other similar apps. Scrapbooking went digital, it went mobile, and I want to know if I’m alone:

  • Do you scrapbook your smartphone images?
  • Do you take more or less photos now?
  • Do you still carry your DSLR to places you’ll know you’ll take a lot of photos?
  • What’s your strategy for the digital revolution?
  • Have you seen Renee’s new iScrapit class? She says “mobile scrapbooking” is the next logical step. Do you agree?

Here are some of my latest smartphone images: