DHD House Party | New Easy Going Templates

O summer! How doth tempt me with thine easy going ways. Tiffany’s “official” summer begins mid-month once the kids start summer vacation. But the warm weather beckons me to play outside, as it has all year. And occasionally, I run back to the office to create page templates like these …

Introducing new Easy Going digital scrapbook templates! They are part of the new DHD House Party BYOC! That’s right … build your own collection. In our BYOC, mix and match your favorite, coordinated product packs and receive a 30% discount when you buy before the 5th. DHD will host a new BYOC every single month. Hot damn; I’m so excited!


Take a peek at some of the collection below. Be sure to check out the entire June BYOC too.




 — inspiration from the DHD Decorators —