Pinterest | My Personal Digi Scrapbooking Shopping Bag

Pinterest | My Personal Digi Scrapbooking Shopping Bag

Happy iNSD everyone! As Betty and Wilma use to say, CHARGE! Or wait perhaps we aren’t quite ready yet.

In years past, I use to spend serious wads of cash on scrapbook goodies … paper and digital products. I had the crop bag, the crop tote, the crop cropadile, crops growing in my yard, cops, and crap. I have filled up EHDs and back up CDs with enough digital scrapbooking supplies to support a small country.

Fast forward to the here & now and I’ve got to be seriously selective with my scrap-happy, purchasing decisions. Nothing says bad mommy like spending my daughter’s lunch money on scrap supplies.

And how do I keep from  burning a hole in my digital pockets? Using Pinterest, of course!

Pinterest is My Warehouse Shopping Goodie Bag

Imagine, if you will, a huge goodie bag that you stock full of stuff you absolutely will buy, might buy, or may not buy. It doesn’t matter if you’ll purchase the items in the bag. It only matters that you can throw everything you want in the bag, then dump the contents out at the cashier’s register, and cherry-pick what you absolutely must have over others.

Pinterest is the digital version of that holy-grail of a bag!

Pinterest allows you to pin graphics from your favorite digital websites. You can also repin images others have pinned and follow their boards too. The pinning process works well for digital scrapbookers because you can pin digital kit previews! After all, they are just graphics. And most previews include the name and creator of the kit for easy copyright reference. I always link the pinned image to the store or blog of the kit creator.

My boards are separated into 365/Project Life, Essential/Toolbox, Alphas/Word Art, Disney, Baby, Colorful, as well as seasons and major holidays. Now, on the biggest scrapbooking sale day of the year, I can revisit my Pinterest boards and snag what I’ve had an eye on for the past year.

I will also create a new board specific for iNSD 2012 possible purchases. There’s a good chance I’ll delete those pins later, or move them to one of my organized boards. But until then, I will use Pinterest to catalogue all of my iNSD products as I work through my favorite digital stores. Then I’ll revisit my top favorite kits, purchase those I absolutely must have, and those which fit my iNSD budget.

This keeps me from going overboard and spending the grocery budget on digi kits.

Because, let’s be honest, digi kits don’t taste good. I’ve licked my monitor. Have you?

Do you have a Pinterest account? Hook up with me here. And how are YOU planning to manage all that is iNSD? Share in the comments link!