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2011 | Passion

Last year I chose passion as my word. I wanted to reconnect with parts of me and the world around me that I was most passionate about. Sometimes the choices were simple like picking up a NookColor and connecting with my long-lost passion of reading. I didn’t read as much as I desired in 2011 but I opened the door and made it to the coat check desk. I’ll join the party in the next room soon enough.

Other passions I found were completely new, like Yoga. Practicing yoga, meditating, and deep-breathing settled my mind and stabilized my energy. It opened my senses and offered a self-awareness I hadn’t realized existed. Nothing opens you up more than a deep fire-breathing dragon pose after you’ve injured your groin years ago during childbirth. Nothing.

But I digress.

My entire 2011 was based on a single premise of reconnecting with myself. Loving myself and the world around me. Finding passion in who I am rather than looking at anyone else or honoring their needs first. Well, everyone else besides my children.

That single one little word helped me make little choices everyday that summed up to great rewards. Time to choose another.

2012 | The Dead Tree

Earlier in the year, Hurricane Irene decimated one specifically large tree in the ravine next to my home. The tree was once tall and beautiful with huge roots growing into the riverbed underneath and the tips of its leaves high as the eye could see. Now it looms over the grass in my front yard, lopsided with tips near to the ground and exposed roots barely clutching the soil.

I thought for sure it was a-goner so I called the city to have it removed. When the workers arrived, they did an amazing thing: they simply pruned the tree. They sheared off the parts touching the ground and nurtured the few remaining areas clinging to life. They were careful to only snip limbs which absolutely had to go. And they treated this simple tree with love and care.

The tree ain’t dead. She’s certainly not youthful. Actually, she’s better.

2012 | Grow

The tree inspired my word for 2012: grow. I am the tree. I encountered one (more like two) of the strongest and longest storms of my life. The storm pulled at the very roots, the core, of my being. And I was nearly knocked off my foundation. But I managed to hang on.

The storm is over; a rainbow shines. I stand, pruned. And now I can grow again in a different direction with new winds to feel upon my branches. I’ve got new things to learn, new places to visit, and new people to meet. Time to grow.

Hey you, have a Happy New Year! What’s your word for 2012?

One Little Word

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