My Gluteus Maximus is Smokin’ Hot

For the first time in the 52 Thursday Template series, I will not feature a template on Thursday. Maybe tomorrow, or Saturday. But not today. Why? Because my ass is smokin’ hot.

Actually, my stove caught on fire last night and I used a fire extinguisher to put-out the flames. And I’ve never burned down my place before. It’s not on my daily to-do list. Was I supposed to know that an acid cloud would engulf the entire kitchen from ceiling to tile floor? Or move into my adjacent office where my entire world of electronics and gidgets blink with their little fluorescent lights? Who know … who freaking knew!?

I didn’t. And I usually make it my business to know such common things.

And that’s why my ass is smokin’ hot. I’ve been sitting on it for hours cleaning or scooting and scrubbing then scraping. All because of a fire I didn’t even start — food wasn’t even in the oven folks. But THAT’s a story for another day.

For now do know 52 Thursdays will resume tomorrow or Saturday as soon as I’ve licked the last piece of acid residue off the breadbox.